To harvest or not to harvest?

First ever grow. She is a bag seed so not sure of strain. Guy I got it from said he got his clone from someone named Jeffery so that’s what I have been calling her. She is about 7weeks after turning light to 12/12. Leaves have started to turn yellow…. Checked trichomes, they all look cloudy with a few amber. I guess I’m just curious about how much longer I should wait before flushing and prepping for harvest…

I see a lot of young pistils there still but trichs are the best indicator. If you say it’s all cloudy and some amber it’s just a question of how much amber you want before you chop.

7 weeks from 12/12 seems pretty quick to me. That’s like no more than 6 actual weeks of flowering. But again, you are the one with the magnifier looking at the trichomes and if they’re ready they’re ready.


After reading a few forums. I was looking at the trichomes on the leaves. Maybe a few more weeks to go yet. Are yellowing of fan leaves normal this early?

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I’d guess 4-5 weeks. You need to check the trichs.

The one where you can see amber trichomes is on the leaves the other is on the bud itself.

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Don’t worry about the trichs on the leaves, just the calyxes.the leaves mature a lot faster. You may need a scope with higher magnifying abilities. But if you can see them clearer than we can in the picture you should be able to judge.

I have a loupe. I was trying to get a decent picture through it with my phone… :sweat_smile: