To Harvest or Not To Harvest THAT is the Questions

It definitely looked ready no worries! Enjoy!

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Ladies and Gents…I have harvested…check out this beauty!!


Beautiful :star_struck: Congrats


Annnnd I’m BACK! With the age old question…are they ready?!

Grown indoors, tent, 2 vispectra LED lights, 3 different strains: Maui Wowie, LA Confidential, and NY Diesel. I’m at 9 1/2 weeks right now. They’re beginning to get so plump they’re having trouble standing without support (mind you I already have a grow need underneath!).

This is LAC

This is NY Diesel

and finally, this is Maui Wowie

What do you think??

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OK To my uneducated eye they have more time to go. I start considering when 90% of pistils have changed colors and receded. That’s just me but I am sure other growers will post the video and charts for reference.

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How do you guys get the trichrom pics that clear my phone won’t focus like that


Im at week 7 im not sure what to do as i have 4 plants all the same age. the two on the left have more than 50% orange hairs and is just starting to get milky while the right plants barley have orange hairs but are 50% milky with 80% amber on the sugar leaves. i know i have atleast another week or two but do i ignore the orange hairs and focus on the tricombes even tho they are a different stages

Just my noob opinion, but I see a lot of clear and absolutely no amber. Depending on what effects you’re after, I’d wait. My understanding is that the pistils are more of a roadmark, giving you the heads-up that the time is coming. The ultimate decision should be based on the trichomes, which more accurately reveal the presence of desirable cannabinoids. If I’m wrong in any of this thinking, I’d be happy to be corrected by more knowledgeable posters.

As an aside, maybe the harvesting category could benefit from a weekly/monthly stickied ‘Chop or Not’ thread. Seems like it’s the number one question being asked, and each ask doesn’t really require its own thread. I don’t mean to give the mods more to do, and I’m definitely not volunteering… just a thought.

this is my first grow and my eyes suck i could have sworn they were white. im glad to have another option on it. thanks for the input. looks like ill give it more time and periodically check. didnt get a pic of the amber these were the only pics i got so far

Welcome to the forum, and thank you for the tag. Im honored your first post is to me.:pray:

Week 7 since sprout or week 7 of flowering. There is commonly alot of confusion surrounding timelines given by breeders. If it says seed to harvest, thats self explanitory. If it says flowers in 8-10 weeks that means from the begining of the flowering process. Looking at your plant I am gonna guess you are about 4 weeks in flower, for the sake of conversation. You will want to look over your notes and pictures to zero in on the date.

Ignore the trichomes on the sugar leaves. They will have no bearing on the maturity of your plant.

Not entirely. I use the hairs as a guide to when I start looking at trichomes. Once 90% of them are orange, I start scoping my trichomes. Couple images to help you out below.

2) This image is what perfection will look like. @Borderryan22 grew them, props deserved!

Ill tag you in my running journal, you are welcome to ask any questions there or join in the convo. Welcome to ILGM.

Welcome to the forum. Your first post was to help a fellow new grower, you will fit in well here.

Im Glad to be a part of everything here. i fell inlove with the art of growing in such a short span of time i really cant wait to expand my knowledge over the years. and i am in week 7 of flower. 3 weeks as a sprout, 4 weeks veg and now just into my 7th week of flower. thankyou for all the helpfull tips and pictures. that one picture of the tricomes are absolutely beautiful!! i will keep that for my records as to base mine off of. these 4 plants are all white widow bought from ILGM and i mainly find it strange that two plants have so much orange and the other two have almost none. i will reply tomorrow with better pics after i water.

This is normal, especially from seed. Every plant has different phenotypes (expressions of it self) kinda like how we all look like one parent or another but with varience and sometimes we get grandpas nose, moms eyes, great grandmas ears, etc, etc. Even clones can sometimes look drasticly different from its “mother”. You have alot of white pistils still for the 7th week in flower. Id expect them to take a few weeks yet.

makes sense! with that being said, there may be a chance that the two with significant more orange hairs will need to be harvested before the other two…correct? that is if their tricomes are milky before the others

Yes. Totally possible.

I posted this on let’s see your buds but got no response. GDP Auto , been growing almost 22 weeks. I had to change the light to 12/12 . Just wondering how much longer do you think?

Get a pic of the trichomes. I’d say it’s either in that window or another week. How many weeks since pistils popped up?

I’m not too sure when the pistils started. I think about 8 weeks. I lost track.