To flush or not?

So this is my 1st grow and I was going to start my flush this Tuesday just saw tonight before lights out that the top of my girl is starting to fade to yellow most see this as normal but most see this as a obvious normal N deficiency but I’ve seen on other forums that a good amount of people refuse to flush and say is horrible to do I gues im kinda torn between available information lol thoughts also can post pics tomorrow of the top of the plant the girls are sleeping now lol

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Do you have any amber on your bud sites if yes I’d say yea you’re close enough if not do a quick 1/4 dose then flush in 5 days

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Just actually fed my last full dose of nutes yesterday so I gues im good and yes there are a few random amber trics here and there unfortunately I think most of them are from being to handsy and touching on the buds to much those seem to be darker than the normally changing amber trics impo

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Yea let them eat the nutes a couple days then you’re golden :wink:

I do not so much flush at the end of a grow as I just give plain water the last two weeks if using synthetic nutes. But if you’re going organic no worry to flush


I have heard the water only method for last 2 weeks style of mini flushing works well for some people’s growing style