To flush or not too flush that is the question?

You know people smoke tobacco, it makes you cough. And I never heard of a tobacco farmer flushing tobacco and they’re sprayed with pesticides and everything :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:. My question why should I flush??? My last go round I didn’t flush yeah I cough once in awhile, but it’s not hard it’s mellow kicks my ass. Strawberry lemon haze, and strawberry breath. Sometimes I taste lemons sometimes I taste strawberries. I think it’s up to the individual, if you flush going to take longer. But my opinion I don’t see no difference I cough either damn way. :joy::joy::joy::sunglasses::sunglasses::v:


I don’t flush but I do lower my feedings the last 2 weeks, and that’s because of nutrients price not because of plant…


Flushing is another preference thing, imo if you are not planning on curing your buds it might help to flush but a good cure is going to sweat out your harsh. I grow organic now so I don’t need to flush anyway but I didn’t flush before I switched to organic

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Same boat… i flush when something is supremely out of wack. And i only water* last two weeks.

BUT there have been many a situation that required a flush near the end… N toxicity burning leaves to high heaven, pH is outta wack and she in the final swell, etc etc etc

I don’t flush unless there is a pH or PPM problem, but I do stop feeding my girls a week to 10 days before harvest.

I cut the nutes,out the last month. Oh I give them is a little bit of food. I’m using Fox farm all three liquid nudes. Grow big ,big Bloom, and tiger bloom. Some my nugs are light and airy, some of my buds are danking heavy. Under the same light same conditions no change it’s the strain!!!

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I dont flush either. Last 2 weeks just water. To get them to use up nutrients they have and to make sure there isn’t any nutrients left that you would be able to taste.

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@Dieselgrow1031 But isn’t that the same principle" I don’t flush either. Last 2 weeks just water" ?

Flush always flush

Same thing but different. Its not a"flush" because I’m not running gallons of water through my pots at one time. But its the same idea