To flush or not to flush questions

A while back there was discussions over flushing . I have an indoor grow almost ready to harvest. How do i go about flushing out my plant.? I couldn’t find the discussion. Thank you

if I recall, for a pre harvest flush, most just recommend that you water with pure PH balanced(6.5) H2O for the final two weeks of flowering…


Is this it ?

I’m doing an experiment based off that discussion right now


Yes this is it. What kind of test?

I’ve been following This Thread too and I have an opinion but I’ve been reserving it until after I harvested a particular Super Cheese

I fed it full strength right up til harvest. I just put it in jars I have sampled it but I want to wait for a couple more weeks before I opine

I have four of her Clones and I plan on doing a similar experiment with them eventually

Your second post was pretty much right on regarding what many do, plain pH for 2 weeks etc.
-good luck


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This not being the only forum I use, I can post more information on the matter, but I’m afraid it violates the terms of these forums.

Flushing is defined as only to cleans soil/medium, and not something required for preharvest. Flushing can be done at anytime to fix salt buildup within the soil/medium, including when no plant is present (i.e. cleansing soil pre-seed sow).


There you are. I missed this thread. Thanks

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