To flush or not to flush or to flush


My plants are 45 days old. I have been giving them nutrients for about a month. Easy at first but up to full strength now. They are ak47 and super skunk auots and show no signs or stress.
I use the trio but not in the seedling stages.
How do you know if you have to flush or not? Do I need to flush at all? can I do it without sledgehammer?


Well, the best way to determine if you need to flush is to look at your plant. If she’s healthy and not showing any signs of needing a flush, then don’t flush. :slightly_smiling_face:


It looks great!
Thanks, But should I prepare for something with the sledgehammer?


It doesn’t hurt to have some Sledgehammer around. I use it all the time, but I don’t grow autos. If you keep your nutes low enough you should never have to flush. I never use FF nutes at full strength, so I rarely have to flush.


If you test your ppm and ph in your runoff then you will know more about what’s going on at the root Zone and then you plan accordingly… :wink:
When you start to see a problem in soil or coco your already 2 weeks into your problem… then your playing catch up… :wink:
You should check runoff atleast every other watering… just to stay on top of things… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


Fox Farm recommends flushing every 4 weeks with sledgehammer. It has been my experience that its better to do it. By the time you see you have a problem, you have a problem. Now I don’t grow autos either … @Hogmaster


@Sasquatch is correct; if you are using the trio it’s best to do as FF recommends and flush using a product like Sledgehammer. I use the GH equivalent, Florakleen.


Not all flushes are just to fix problems @Bluto
some people do it at the end of their grow also to clear out excess fertilizer…

They will either do a flush to clear it out all at once or they will just start watering without fertilizer for the last week or so to just clear out the excess fertilizer over several waterings. You don’t want to ingest fertilizer, especially phospheric acid, that stuff is like in Drano and other household chemicals


Weather to flush or not is your choice. I know people who flush I know people who do not but only use water last 2 weeks of flower and I know some that cUT main stalk and submerge into cold water for 24 to 48 hrs