To flush during grow or not to flush

I have heard more than once that I should be flushing every once in awhile thru the grow. This is a huge pain in the ass for me to do. Ive also heard if im not overdoing it on the nutes there is no need to flush medium thru grow unless theres an issue. Do I need to be flushing or is it gona be ok without it if im not overdoing it? Ive never flushed before other than if i thot i was having nute or ph issues.

I’ll flush when I have problems keeping pH up in the 6.5 range. I don’t flush otherwise. I go light on nutes, so I don’t flush very often. I think I only flushed my last grow once.

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What type of nutes are you using? Some brands that I use ( fox Farm) recomends on there feeding schedule when to flush. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

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As long as you are watering to about a 10% runoff you shouldn’t need to flush. The 10% will be enough to wash out any unused salt and you won’t get a buildup. Unused nutes left in the soil will buildup and will eventually cause a ph issue. Of course if you are a heavy feeder you’ll want to increase the percentage of runoff or problems will very soon follow :wink: