To FIM or Top- Goldleaf

Very new to this… Gold Leaf Fem, outdoor grow in 15 gal fabric pots, FF Ocean, rain water. Working on FF nutes at about 1/2, but seeing as I just transplanted her Saturday, I haven’t started.

First, I presume where the branches are are the nodes. I have arrowed a whole 4 of them.
Second, which is better? I gather from reading Topping is easier. But can I FIM, do it wrong then top if need be?

Do I FIM at the 5th node or after?

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I did mine at the 7th node and came out with 10 cola’s… it’s up to you but i like your idea about FIM… id try at the 7th nod but it’s your plant… here’s an example of what mine looks like… btw i started them inside…


Oh yeah don’t count the bottom one It’ll die off anyway…

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The bottom leaves… you mean to two yellow seedling leaves at the bottom? Or the ones above those?
And I like the idea of 10 colas. :laughing:
We don’t learn by not trying things, right? So I like learning, so I will do some “doing”.
If I wait til the 7th node, then I have some time. WOOO! Excellent!
Thanks so very much!

The one’s just above at your 1st arrow… they won’t make anything so i cut them off when the plant gets a little bigger… no hurry on cutting them off … when you thin later on that’s when i would do it

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Excellent. Thanks!

Glad to be of some help to you my brother… looking great so far… just keep doing what you’re doing :ok_hand:… don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions… some awesome people on here that are willing to help you when needed… :muscle:

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I top gold leafs. They are also great plants to scrog. They really give up some great buds in a scrog


@BobbyDigital some mighty fine lookin ladies my brother…:heart_eyes:

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Once I see the 7th node I will take a new pic and do the whole “sanity check” dance.

How does one scrog outside? I would think you can. I do need to be able to move this sucker from time to time should I need turn the sprinkler on. Maybe I should lower my sprinklers… might be easier. lol Hmmm… My plants are sitting next to my raised bed that has a hundred or so onions.

Depending on how summer goes, I might want to think about some indoor grows. You know what that will lead to?
MORE QUESTIONS! :laughing:

I’ll refer you to @Myfriendis410. I believe his were portable. He’s on the road right now so it may take a bit for him to respond.

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Haha lmao … I’d be careful not to get to close to them onions… i don’t think some onion bud would taste all that well. :thinking:

Cool! Clearly there is no rush. I will be looking forward to learning.

As for the onions. They live in the raised bed, the girls live on the balcony in their own pots. They get air flow and sun. The balcony is off the side of the raised bed. :crazy_face:

I SCROG and designed mine to be movable. The first thing NOT to do is put multiple plants under one screen for a myriad of good reasons. PVC tubing and fittings are readily available and can be dry-fitted together (mostly) and physically attached to the pot. Lift the SCROG and the whole plant comes with it.


I am curious about the path of the sun later in the season and the plant in relation to the fence.

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@Deez not exactly what you were talking about but check this scrog out!! That’s a wicked sweet idea @Myfriendis410 :star_struck::star_struck:


The scrog PVC plan is coooool!
As for the fence… its not the big problem… the birch further down the yard is. You all might tell me I should move it. It gets sun around 7:00/7:30 am… and about 5 it hits shade. Now that I think about it… that seems short for a photo. I have an area that gets sun longer… move it there perhaps? The rest of the girls are autos so I think that doesn’t matter there. I was using the cilantro/onions as pest deterrents, but I have seen some aphids starting so I will need to address that as well.
If I move it/them I won’t have to move them again, as they will be away from my reg garden and our town water.

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Yeah that’s really awesome! I just bought the parts to start building my PVC scrug table no more than an hour ago.

I’m using three-quarter inch mainly because I’ve seen other people doing the same thing. Do you feel like that’s too flimsy? It looks like yours is made of 2 inch at least and looks pretty sturdy

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I am getting too old and weak to lug pots and plants around. My 2x2’ frames are on wheels

I don’t grow outside. If I did I would set the PVC frames on a skid so I can move / slide them if need be.
If I knew I didn’t need to move them and wanted to scrog it, I would build a stationary PVC frame out of 1" pipe.
I have one set up now for a 4 plant mini SOG in my 3x3


This is brilliant!