To early to flush?


Hello I am going to start my flush tomorrow trying for two weeks needs advice if you guys and gals think the trichomes will be 50 to 70 % cloudy. I don’t want to start it to early. CFL grow Candy Cane


How many days are they in flower?


4 and a half weeks.


4 and a half weeks. Says 7 week Strain but I think they have been behind.


Others may not agree, but in my experience you always want to add a couple of weeks on the growth time to finish. The longer it stays on the plant, the better the buds are. It’s best not to rush. If you have already decided to flush, make sure you’re doing it with knowing all the facts. I never flush, Good luck.


I would agree with that, give 9 weeks atleast


9 weeks total veg and flower?


My fan leaves haven’t even turned yet. Was waiting for that but I also don’t want a couch lock high.


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Start a topic and I’ll come help you in your topic, usually 9 weeks flower alone, @latewood sorry


If your fan leaves have not turned yet, then the plant is definitely not ready. A nice picture would give us a lot more to go on.

If you are in 12/12 photo period, and you need plant to finish faster, drop photo period to 10/14. good Luck with your finish. :slight_smile: