To Dome or not to Dome?

Up to now I have only grown autos. This is my first go at photos. I dropped 5 seeds on 4/2 (I didn’t want fools day to hex me) Shot glass, water, peroxide, bag and satellite receiver combo. 4/4 I put them in peat pots filled with good seed starter mix. Off to a covered tray filled with starter to support the pots.

The center one in the top row looks like a flamingo. No clue. Probably 0% chance. Front right is having trouble throwing its seed husk. Today I put them in 6" pots. FFOF on the bottom with more starter mix around them. I am planning on using a clear dome over the two odd balls. But not the other three. 2 have their first set of real leaves and the third has a good start on its second set. AGREE?

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I don’t use a dome and never will. I grow just fine without one. :+1:


Only on grow number 2, but I dont think u need a dome for seedlings unless ur ambient humidity is way low, or if ur cloning…but if it makes u feel comfortable then do it those little seeds love humidity lol

I don’t worry about humidity because this is South Texas where you feel like you crawled into someones Plumber Crack.


Oh brother tell me about it…I live in south Arkansas, bout 12 miles from Louisiana n like 1 hour from texas…its like a freaking jungle down here! The humidity in my house is usually not below 50% and most of the time it’s in the mid 60’s…same boat mr.peat

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You don’t need a dome if you are using a covered tray.

@MrPeat @MidwestGuy I don’t know if you have heard of Duluth Trading but their adds are hilarious
image image
I like to help any way I can

I moved them to 6" pots. I would dome them individually with clear plastic cups

Yeah I have heard of Duluth Trading. One of the places I looked at for gear when I did the Appalachian Trail in 2018. :+1:

I use a dome, it keeps any toxin from causing problems, I started adding co2 a couple of years, I use air stones to deliver it. I use Reactive CO2 Generator. From It uses 2 2 liter soda bottles, one has sodium bicarbonate in one and citric acid in the other. The generator is around $25 and bought the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid in bulk on the internet. It also works great for cloning. Its been on the the best thing I added in years to get your Lady’s started right.

Are you doing a journal? I also have only grew autos , and want to start some photos

I hate Autos personally. I have two growing right now. One has flowers and the other is a little baby right now as she broke surface on April 10th. :+1:

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I may do a grow journal. The first couple of weeks are pretty boring. Once they are a little further along I will decide. Either way I take photos weekly and keep a pretty good journal.

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Tag me if u do, if u don’t mind

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I highly recommend a journal. Its a great teacher where many can give you input. :+1:

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I hadn’t thought of doing one in that regard. But you are right. Maybe with a regular journal a member may see something or bring something to my attention that needs to be addressed. I usually ask for help after the fact. Especially now with this being my first photos. Thanks

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If you have a journal which is updated daily with photos and if there is a problem, it can be caught early. Then get corrected.

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Not only for person doing journal but also for everyone following. :+1:

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