To defoliate or not

I am at day 23 of flower in my ILGM Blue Dream

I am very conflicted on whether to defoliate or not.

My plant seems to have good air flow but definitely a dense canopy blocking buds. I have searched many forums but am finding to many different answers on the subject.

After reading this article

I think I am just going to ride it out as is and not defoliate.


Here is my plant at day 23 of 12/12


Have you tried to tie down or use anything to hold the branches causing the issue?

I personally don’t like to defoliate anything during the flowering process. I use the weeks leading up to switch cycles to remove those problem areas then let it ride. Though I do tie some branches back or manipulate them so I can expose other areas to get the necessary light for it


Those look fine though let it ride

Pulling the branches down a bit would open her up some.

You could also trim the bottom most row of fan leaves if you really want to, but she looks great and happy right now.

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I had all of the outer branches pulled down but now it is getting squeezed in my 2x4 tent. This is a prohibition grow and can only be outside with the right conditions.

The lower buds seem to be developing fine.


I just want the best quality and yield without messing things up lol.

I did do a pretty heavy defoliation before veg.

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