To defol, or not to defol…yadda yadda yadda

Ok I’m in flower and bulking up

It’s spread out about as much as possible…

Should I strip more leaves or just “leave” her be?


Long as all bud spots are open, I would leave it. But I prefer not to really interfere what Mother Nature intended. :+1:

Yeah the sites are open, just so many leaves on them

My instinct tells me leave her be


Looks like it can get good air circulation so as long that’s the case and you aren’t having RH issues Id say leave her as well

Thank you for the input

I believe I will let her be, except the stretching her out
She’s going to pay for my lack of forethought

Looks good i wouldnt do anything

Pluck any dead. Leav the rest.
Happy growing…