To cut or not to cut…that is the question

I am at tail end of my grow but sure when to harvest. Trichomes look a lil milky but some are still clear. Looks to me like a very may be turning amber but not sure if the lighting is playing tricks on my eyes. Some pics attached and need some guidance to make sure I do not cut too soon. Would like a lil more density to some of the lower buds. Thoughts - suggestions???

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It looks like you can probably wait a week or two.
Also you still have some white pistils sticking up once they turn reddish and recede back then start looking at tricomes.
I recommend a jewelers loop that zooms in 30-60xx
That will give you a better look at tricomes and better indicator on when to harvest.
Happy growing

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That’s what I have been using to look at the trichomes…just not sure I have the trained eye to confirm what I am looking at…thx for the feedback

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No matter what week you are in compared to the time given by breeder, the only way to tell a plant is done is by trichomes.

You said you see some amber, where were you looking on the bud or the sugar leaves? This is important because the trichomes on the bud will develop a lot slower then the ones on the leaves.
You will also want to check about 1/3 of the way down the bud (I’ve read 1/3 of the way down the plant, it only one person I’ve seen say that though.
I do not know if there is a way to fix the density of the lower buds. In the future you can try lollipoping your plant. It clears out all the lower buds that tend to be Larfy and under developed, which allows your plant to focus on those tops. If done right you will only have high quality bud to harvest.
You could do a partial harvest taking the top 1/3 t0 1/2 of the plant and let the bottom half grow more. Once the top is gone you readjust your light and give the other buds a chance to fully mature. I don’t think this will help with their density though, I believe it is just a way to make sure you are harvesting only fully mature trichomes.
Hope that helps some. Beautiful top in the pic!

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On your next grow you should give lst a try. Get a much better yield when y0u train the plants. Observe-

And so you know even a fresh outta the gate newb can do it-


Awesome advise and video. Looking at sugar leaves mainly . Thinking I am going to let go another week and make the call. Cutting tops may help then with the lower growth. Learning as I grow so to speak and greatly appreciate the feedback. :crossed_fingers:

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If you haven’t started to flush yet I would consider it due to the nitrogen toxicity you also have going on excess amounts of nitrogen during flower will slow down growth it can also lead to loose airy buds

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Got it and already started . Thx for the info!

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Most def…thx much!

you can try putting the jewelers loop over the lens of your camera got some good shots that way my old eyes don’t do well with a loop

nothing can be done for this plant at this point in time. The lack of density is primarily due to the distance they are from the light. That is why indoor growers learn to train and prune their plants to form a flat canopy. And to prune out unproductive bottom growth. Something for you to look forward to next time.
Look at any PPFD map for a LED. PPFD drops off significantly as distance from the light increases.

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Just harvested and happy with the yield…yes it coulda been better but learned a lot to carry into the next grow. These buds are for those with the helpful advise .

Thx again

Processing: DEE08A88-6DCA-46B3-AB33-766A073D8559.jpeg…

So, how did it go?

Could of been better but happy with yield(5oz). Potentcy not as strong as I hoped. I think a lot to do with nutes and possibly over drying. Just started my 2nd grow with a bigger tent, better light and grow medium. Learned a lot and hoping for a better outcome. Gonna LST this go around with hopes of producing a bigger yield. Appreciate the follow up!