To close og powerful light? (With picture)


This is my first grow, so i need some advise…

Plants at day 29, starting looking odd… Leaf curl and look “thin””

They are autoflower plants.
18/6 light, temp day 26 celcius, 22 celcius at night… RH 50-55%

To much light? Or to close light?

I just Got a new light, Mars Hydro fc6500, and i am worried its to powerfull, at its set height and power.

Aprox 50cm from top of plant, and was on 50% now its Down to 30-35%…

What do you think about my plant?
Its just happend, after installing new light, so i Think its connected

Welcome to the forum.

Thin leaves are common among sativa varieties and some hybrids.

A good study of DLI will give you and idea of proper lighting levels.


Thank you for your massage :slight_smile:

I use the Photone app on my iPhone, and i have the Pro sub…

I measured the DLI to about 40 on purpose, that is what i read online, but maybe tu High for autoflowers?

They went from under 20 DLI (Old light) to 40 in one day, Can this be a problem?

I see the plants is starting to show signs of flowering, is this bad at this stage, if there is problems?

Ppfd and dli are definitely great tools, but the problem is getting accurate readings, even with the photone app. And an Apogee meter is $500. I used the app and set DLI for what was recommended for my new hlg 350r, and my buds foxtailed pretty badly, so be careful using that exclusively.

Hey welcome to the community, it a great place. So others above are spot on, plus you already have photone app, sounds like your ahead of the game. My 2 cents your right 20. to 40 a big jump on one day but I wanted stress to much about it. Maybe lower your DLI to 30 and increase it slowly over a few days. But plants look good a full photo of entire plant would help out.

I know is not 100% accurate, but i saw a PAR test on YouTube for fc 6500, and set the lamp to the power/height that should be okay.
I have now rise the lamp to 65cm and decreased power a little, i hope it helps

Plants is only about 20-25c in height, is this a problem or sign of stuned growth?


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I now have the light at 65cm, and DLIabout 28 on Photone app…

Here is a photo of the plant. I Think its very small, for 30 day and a soon flowering plant, for when i see others.

Dont mind the tinfoil… They was planted to low in the pot, and is only to help direct light to under the plant/stem

No they look good for 30 days, only on 2nd grow myself and I was always thinking mine where this and that but all that matters is in product. But all have good color and you have plenty of light so keep up good work, and keep us informed. Best of luck and happy growing

Looks good. I ran into trouble in late flower with my new light. DLI showed in the correct range, but plants foxtailed. In fairness it was a 70/30 sativa (pure power plant), so maybe genetics played a part. Starting an OG kush now, so we’ll see.

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