To bury or not bury stem?

Have been trying to keep these small. I have been screwing up trying to time between not letting them get to big before I go to flower. Plan on either putting these into 2 or 3 gallon pots of cocoa. Skywalker OG and GSCE.
Can you bury the stem some to shorten them up?
If so, is there a general rule you follow in doing so? Have about 3 weeks left in flower and drying time. So maybe 5 weeks on these. Should I let them do their thing now?

Thank you kindly.

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I always bury my plants up to the 1st node when transplanting. Go for it.


I agree bury them


I don’t transplant and I only bury if the stem is weak or grows at an angle.


The Skywalker ended up like this today. White bag is 3 gallon, black is 2.