To Boveda or to not Boveda

I dried for (5) days and should have let it go a few more, but didn’t- anyways… I’m on my 9th day of curing and the jars are anywhere between 58-64% RH. Should I throw a Boveda pack in each? Should I continue to burp? If so, how many times per day and for how long?



Continue to burp , 58 to 64 not bad. Once A-day should be fine.


@SteveSS396 I used to use boveda packs… I had a few packs leak gel, although lucky they weren’t in with my reefer when they did leak…I won’t be taking chances in the future.

Try Grovebags! They are awesome.


Newbie, only 1 harvest under belt did some with packs, some in grow bags. Definitely grow bags, they are cheap and order more then u think


Do like kellydans said. Imo boveda better for long term storage of flower, and not ideal to use during cure.


Just over 2 weeks curing and RH is between 58-63% depending on the jar. I’m burping once a day for 5-10 minutes. Should I continue as I am?


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Sounds good, you can burp less Frequent as time goes on.


I agree. Probably go to burping every couple of days, and can just open jar maybe give a shake or two and put lid back on. If stays stable there you can store with boveda or however else you planned.


These 2 autos are getting close. Ak47 and Amnesia Haze

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Few more

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Current drying conditions for the one that was chopped this morning.

Todays drying condition. Thoughts?

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5th day of drying. Current conditions

Never use bodeva or any others myself.
When your cure gets to where you want it and you vacuum seal a mason jar with a hot lid (just like canning) how is it possible for the humidity to change.

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1.48 oz from her, roughly 1.25 oz of bud and .23 oz of trimmings and small airy buds. This is my biggest harvest from one plant. She only grew to 13” tall. Thanks for everyone’s help.

No if this AK47 auto would finish. She 17 weeks old, been flowering since the 3rd week