To autopot or not?

So I’m thinking about switching from hand watered soil to autopots and coco. I’ve done a bunch of reading but not a lot of it seems current,at least from the autopot aspect.
While I’ve had good success so far i don’t like to make too many changes at once but if I go the autopot route and coco that will be 2 big changes, also I’ll be coming out of a closet into a 4x4 tent. So that’s 3 fairly big changes…
I’m looking for input on a 4 pot system with the spring pots.
Any input is appreciated. @Nicky and @PharmerBob I think are a couple running the system. Feel free to tag anyone else that’s running it… thanks!!!

I was where you were a couple years ago.
Pull the trigger, you won’t regret it.
Here is my guide, they have new larger hoses and valves but otherwise its the same.

I don’t know everyone running them now but a year ago it was basically just me and Bob. 2 years ago it was just me and 3 years ago we had two other members but they are gone now.

If you have any questions go ahead and ask on the guide, that way you will contribute to the guide as I share it with everyone in your position


Thanks Nicky, I’ve read through most of your guide. I’ll head over there in a few with a couple more questions

One thing I forgot to mention is that I’ll be staying with the jacks321

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Get some Agsil16H and some fishshit from fish head farms as well as some MKP (don’t smaller bag)

And that’s all you need.

Unless you want to add air which will cost you more but potentially bigger yeilds (I don’t use air)


I made the executive decision to not buy the autopot setup… not sayin that it won’t happen but I’m going to spend the money on a RO system instead. My tap water is crap for plants ,humans and our animals so that’s where the coin is going to go this round.
So I’ll be dropping seeds tomorrow that will be grown hellraiser style in coco with jacks.
I’ll probably start researching ro systems tonite or tomorrow, any recommendations for that…

Be sure whatever RO system you get is SAFE FOR HUMANS!!! Things like the RO buddy are not.

Dont you have a local water store? Culligan is a good brand they are the water filtration experts and have quality products that they will always support.
Water filters ain’t cheap nor are RO membranes but I see wheee your coming from.

The best thing to do would be to have a local tech do it. The key is to test the water before the softener first and then know how much flow you will need for your drinking, plant watering and animal usage. You won’t be using RO for grey water. Again a tech should look at your existing soft water setup, water quality, usage and make it work.
Support local

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