To add or not to add Bone meal or something else?

Happy 42nd day Jackie!!! Why the haven’t you started to flower you lovely auto you lol!

Throwing her on 12/12 that should do it!


@PP3121 how are your a pot for pots going?

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@MadCandy the LST has completely bushed this lil girl out in just 5 days!

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I can’t even see the tie downs haha she bushy alright :heart_eyes: looking good what a monster haha
Is your puppy dog her body guard? Or is she whispering to it?Haha so cute

Is it meant to be auto? I’m thinking about getting autos next time… have read when you flip the light for photos to give them complete darkness for the 1st 36hrs I’m going to give that a go that should help them to flip I have never done it so don’t take my word just read it in the guide section on here :upside_down_face:

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@MadCandy lol the tie downs are green garden twist ties held down by duct tape on the side lol. Trying to get as even if a top as possible.

These are autos but haven’t started to flower like they’re supposed to yet so imma force them. Shouldn’t have any issues…I hope lol

Ragnar is a drool machine better for watering than guarding :rofl::rofl:. He loves to watch everything I do with such intensity he’s my big cuddle bear

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Hey @Pakalobo. Thanks for the check in. I have been staying as hands-off as possible. I think they are coming along pretty well for a first-timer.

The Amnesia began flowering first, 2 weeks ago yesterday.

Northern took a little longer, first week of flowering today!

I have yet to add anything to either. I just noticed a sign of something on the AMN today on the new growth. May be the early sings of Ca deficiency; too soon to tell. So far, just tap water which sits about 48-72 hours prior to watering for Chlorine dissipation.

Here is the AMN:

As you can see, I had to LST. She was stretching and getting too close to the lights. Hopefully not too stressful?

The NTH:

Same as the AMN, had to LST.

How do they look to you?

How are your P4P coming along? Adding nutes?

Once again, thanks for the check-in.


Looks like you’re going to have some impressive bud sites on this one! Looking forward to seeing the progress and what I can do differently next time.

Happy growing!

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@PP3121 As a first grow your doing great!!! Best thing to do is slow and steady and work your way up! Next time I would start the LST as early as possible to keep her from getting so tall. LST is like a weaving project. Every few days you strength the plant to one side of the pot and continue to go around the pot stretching her out to the sides to expose the center. From there new colas will grow from the center thus creating a Bush. This helps to keep them low too.

It’s definitely a learning process and if not careful branches will break but agin slow and easy.

You keep doing you!!!

My only issue thus far is that I’m trying to force flower have it the dark for the next 36 hours at the advice of @MadCandy :wink:. This should do the trick. Until then I’m not adding nutes until I see flower



I’ll have to look a little closer :nerd_face:
I actually did see the duct tape :rofl:
I was in such a rush to pack and go yesterday
Who invented clothes :roll_eyes:
Ragnar ah love the name the drool bag haha
He looks very attached to you :slight_smile:… And the plant

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Oh @Pakalobo you’re cheeky lol I new I shouldn’t of told anyone that trick yet until I do it! But yeah I’ll take credit for it :shushing_face::smirk: hahahaha but it should so give them the kick they need.

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@MadCandy spread the knowledge :wink:! That’s what’s so awesome about this site we’re all basically pot scientists :rofl:. Pakalolo 101 my favorite class lol

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@MadCandy @PP3121 so in the 36-38 hours I left the lights off, appreciate that advice home girl :wink:, I can see signs she’s a female! Not out of the woods yet I don’t think upcoming days will show. On a 12/12 cycle now so​:crossed_fingers: !

But what I could most certainly say without a doubt is she STRETCHED! She said your LST I need to look for light. So I loosened all my old tie downs and tightened them all back up trying to level her out again.

I just hope with it being an “auto” that the flower cycle isn’t . Otherwise I’m just growing a cool looking bush for no reason :rofl:

We shall see. Some weird science :rofl:.


Nice. Let’s see what comes of the new cycle now.

Have plenty of bushes in the yard; don’t need any inside! :laughing:

Keep us posted.

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Ha ha no worries homeboy :sunglasses:
I’m glad you can see signs she’s a female yay hopefully in the next few days you can confirm she is not trans :clap:t3:

Oh yeah you jogged my memory when I think about it now! Haha he did say if it’s tied down take it off because it will grow I’m pretty sure oops sorry my bad but Yep loosened her now and just reapply that duct tape​:rofl: well look at her growth in that 5 days just think in another 5 days she is going to level out maybe don’t quote me again! Hahaha​:joy::joy:

Yeah I hope it didn’t stuff the auto up, faith darl! :sweat_smile:If it does I’ll have to send you a sorry card with some flowers but Jackie looks strong, she got it!

Well thanks for taking that experiment on, I’ll def tag you when I’m up to that stage! Haha


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@MadCandy @PP3121 I’ll def keep you in the loop. I do have a nice 2 gallon water mix of some bone meal and epsom salt ( Cal mag mix) cause I’m sure all this added growing is making her hungry.

Noting crazy on nutes really trying to keep this grow simple


And @MadCandy I’m sure your right she’ll definitely grow a bit more and I’ll have to readjust the LST again

Like my Las Vegas Odds! All my chips are in!


At the last second I decided to change my light schedule to 11/13 more dark to ensure it’s flowering. I’ll just keep that schedule from here till the end.

I owe the 2 of you :wink: and I promise you’ll be compensated


@MadCandy if you really want the SD (seriously) I’ll send you “cards and flowers” for your 2020 get well. Send me an email. Doesn’t have to be your real email make one up for this if need be and I’ll Get with you to send your get well card.

I don’t do social media I just kinda live life off the grid trying to find my zen :call_me_hand:t4::peace_symbol:

1 Like, talk soon :love_you_gesture:t4: @Pakalobo
I didn’t have social media for 2 years just got it back at the start of the year and just deactivated it a month ago…

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Got you!!!

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@MadCandy @PP3121 another 5 days down another neem oil foil spray and watering. Let her chill under a fan about an hour and then back in the grow tent and lights. First few picks are supposed to be before and after tie downs but Jackie is soooo full looking I don’t think you can see much a difference on her sides. But if you look at the top Those sites will continue to fill up. She’s not to shabby looking considering I’m not using much for nutes going pretty cheap and organic I’m really impressed so far.