To add or not to add Bone meal or something else?

I’m using the pot for a pot mixture with auto seeds (Jack H) and was wondering if it was ok to Top dress with some bone meal prior to the flower cycle for hopefully some additional “pop”. If not any suggestions as I near flower?

Haven’t added anything other than I do add molasses and epsom salt with every other watering. Just started my low stress tie down training. Everything seems to be going well no complaints just trying to get more out of the plant. Much appreciated!!

Welcome to the forum great people around to help you.

Sorry, I can’t help with your question on bone meal. Important factors for yield will be light source and nutes.

Light source 600watt full spectrum and As far as nutrients go I wanted to try “pot for a pot” and see how that goes. Pretty sure rooting hormones and organic soil with bat guano worm casting crushed seashells etc is all I got going on. That’s why I was inquiring if anyone’s ever needed to add extra when using pot for a pot. Thanks !

2 tbs to 5 gallon pot. work into top of soil. Will provide phosphorus during flower. I was planning on doing the same at my next water. I have also dissolved 2 tbs in a gallon of water too. It does not all dissolve.

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Hello @beardless. I have been thinking the same as @Pakalobo. I have two small size pots from “a pot for pot” each 0.5 gallons. As this is my first time growing, I decided to go an “easier” route and stay small. The sellers claim that you do not have to add anything, light and water only.

Are you saying that you add nutes to the proprietary soil they provide?

My ladies are about 4 weeks in (Northern and Amnesia) and 5 weeks (Blueberry). All leaves are looking uniformly green and nice. I would not want to give too many nutes.

As I am new, I am learning a lot from growers such as yourself. Thank you for proving us newbies with your knowledge. It is very much appreciated. :+1:t3:

I’ve had several grows over the past 4 years this is the first time using Pot for a Pot. I wanted to do my own experiment I guess you can say. If what I’ve done in the past and compare it to a company like pot for a pot.

That being said I wanted to stay pretty true to the supplies your given with pot for a pot.

I just kinda feel like the plants going to need a lil something something to kick the flower cycle off right and that’s why I was considering bone meal.

I am not familiar with pot4pot soil. So I use bone meal as a source of P rather than relying on synthetic nutrients. If the recommendation is made by pot4pot not to use additional nutrients I would follow its recommendation. If it says not necessary, then it would be your call. I have grown both blueberry and amnesia haze. Blueberry was as trouble free a grow as you could wish for, I can not say the same for AH. 2 of them were relatively trouble free (correctable) and 1 was so so and the 4th a total bust. I found AH to be very sensitive to PH and over fertilizing. I currently have 4 northern lights photos in the tent now.


Pot 4 pot soil seems like fox farm ocean forest organic soil. Meant really for autos and my honest opinion about the product thus far is basic AF.

I could have got the fox farm soil and some extra Perlite and coco husk for way cheaper lol.

My gut tells me imma need that bloom burst so I’ll add it.


Sulphate of potash is water soluble but you need to be properly careful with it. Can’t remember off the top of my head the dosage but it will give your flowers a big P hit :sunglasses:

I have been reading so much and learning a great deal form all the great folks here. Reading a lot about soil and I was thinking that Pot 4 Pot is not really worth the price. As you said, @Pakalobo, it may just be average at best. In the future, I will make up my own soil mix.

Would you suggest that I give it some Calcium and Magnesium when it begins flowering in addition to bloom supplement?

@beardless so far no issues with the BB. She’s growing nicely and starting to take up more space in the small grow area I have (only about 2x2). The NL and AH both died on the first attempts. That is why they are a week or so behind.

Thank you.

I lost 2 jack herer auto seedlings that I wanted to grow outside this summer. So I only have 3 JH for the garden. They will have to do. I also use light doses of CalMag as a preventative


@PP3121 If everything is running smooth I highly recommend you don’t touch lol! Bone meal is a nice all natural bone dust. Basically like the crushed up seashells in the P4P soil mix.

When I first started the more I with it the more I messed it up lol.

Natural organic basic is what your growing with P4P soil and until your really ready to add additional fertilizer and stuff just KISS. Work your way up with each new experience.

Guess that was oversimplified way of saying no calmag needed right now lol.

But as it closes in on flower I think the addition on some bone meal can do more good than it could harm.

P.S.WARNING if you’ve never used bone meal and have pets your pets WILL eat it and can destroy your plant and really hurt themselves.


@Pakalobo Thanks for the info. Really learning so much everyday. I read almost every new post no matter the question and learn. I am also following the journal of @Hellraiser which is crazy informative!

I’ll upload photos when I connect the phone to the computer one of these days!

Happy growing.


@Hellraiser is a damn good follow! Keep absorbing that knowledge that’s what I do.

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Day 26 on this lovely lil Jack H auto. Started the tie down low stress training to add light to new flower sites.


Lovely, indeed. I did not do any training as this was my first go around. Want to experience some level of success first. There was also much debate about LST for autos - seemed like 50/50. I opted to not do it this time.

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Day 32 just added the bone meal followed up with a drink of some molasses (soil microbials) and epsom salt.

Ms. Jackie should be flowering any day now.
She looks a lil small sitting in that 10 gallon pot but I wanna examine the root ball after the grow to see if it made any real difference.

2020 experiments :rofl:

@MadCandy I find the reflective insulation I use to be helpful in Regulating my temps. I’ve got a very basic grow. Not much money invested. Gotta keep low :key:

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@Pakalobo Jackie looking good how often do you feed and give a 32day old and do you feed until it runs out? Just curious

When I use all of my nute I’m going to try bone meal and all that Seems cheaper ha
Come on flowering🌹
I need to keep low key
Don’t know how I’m going tho haha

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That’s actually the first feeding. Everything else was a pot for pot soil. I figured the nutes in that soil wouldn’t last so I used bone meal to kick off flower.

I’ve kept this grow really simple and cheap.

I may or may not add a little liquid phosphorus in a few weeks but I’ll just let Ms. Jackie tell me when she’s hungry :yum:

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Alright ready for the final stretch, literally! Got her all spread low so the light can penetrate deep in the center. She’s about to BUSH up!