TMV o nutrient deficiency

Hello there!!
Growing 13 different strains only one plant got this!!
It’s the (sour tangie)
Growing in coco x perlite soil
Ph in 6.0
Pot size 1gallon for now
4 week from seed
Light 17/7 schedule
Working on the temp and humidity
Are 88° temp. 76% humidity
Early got some heat stress bring light more highest and put another fan for better circulation & air flow!!

My question is??
This look like o can be TMV??
Tabaco mosaic virus o it’s for the early heat stress?? Can be genetics??
Any advice helps!!
They 15 plants and only that one show up the discolored leaves.

Here some pics!!

That is variegation…A genetic anomaly.
It presents itself in random ways in a very small amount of plants.
Sometimes it stops after the plant matures. Sometimes it stays. Its harmless.

Google…“variegated cannabis leaves” and you will see a bunch of similar ones

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