TMV, nute issue, freaky genetics?

Second year out door grower , learned tons of useful info last year from this forum and trial and error last year.Really trying to improve my harvest this season growing most of this for my brother who has a seizure disorder and has found Mmj has really helped him. I started testing ph after listening to all of you and it has made huge difference. Could use your help with the plant listed below.

  • Strain; Amnesia haze

  • Soil in pots, Fox farm ocean

  • System type? Outdoor soil

  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
    Run off 6.2

  • What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
    Using fox farm 1/2 strength

  • Temps; Day 85-90 night 70 I am in New England

  • Humidity; Day, Night I am on the coast 65 to 80


If you want to improve your grow and yield switch to the Nectar For The Gods nute line… organic, not salt based, American made and it’s scientifically engineered to give the plant exactly what it needs and nothing more. I used to use Fox Farms dirty dozen and FF Ocean Forest also. You will see a noticeable difference if you do switch…

Thanks Ace2012 , I am already planning on switching it up next season, one thing I guess every new grower learns is growing can be either incredibly simple or as complicated as you want it to be, I am easing into to it. This is MA second legal grow season ( thank you to all MA voters who signed the petition and showed up to vote) I continue to do my research and expand my knowledge, I am working on amending my garden soil so next year will be in the ground.
Hoping for Christmas trees next july😁

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My daughter has Epilepsy seizures and Mj has stopped her seizures . Good luck to your brother . It looks to genetics on your leaves to me . Only half of the leaf is effected . Here is a picture of one I had .

I get those on a percentage of my plants. It’s nothing to worry about; could be some kind of damage to the node before it produced leaves. Could be genetics. Doesn’t seem to harm the plant.

Here’s something interesting.

Care to know where all 3 of those things underlined in second pic come from? I understand that you’re just repeating something you read or heard somewhere else. But that product is not organic and definitely salt based. Not to be related with all of their products though, the majority are considered organic.


Same thing on one plant out of three of the same White Widow strain.
I added a watering of Epsom salts and increased my nitrogen ( GH Gro )
The heat may have triggered some of the abnormality as well. Some say a magnesium deficiency or a nitrogen deficiency.
The leaves affected I removed, and all new growth back to normal. Took a week or so. Now all is fine and flowering. Using bloom now.