TMCannabis Is back!

Hi All,
Fighting the good fight with my best Buds (pun intended). Last screening shows complete destruction of the tumor. Made my RSO from Roberts gold leaf and preparing to make much more.

I’m preparing for a liver transplant and it is time to stockpile. I was told due to the cancer it should happen around 3-6 months from now. All positive vibes are welcome.

Enough serious shit.

Currently I have (7) plants now (8) weeks into bloom. I have another (19) plants now (2) weeks into bloom waiting for the first chamber to be available and then spread out between the chambers. Happy New Year.

The strains are Gold Leaf, White Widow and Critical Kush.

I als

o got (18) clones now (2) weeks old and ready for transplanting. ]

(2 of 3 chambers


Have you considered trying Sour Sop vitamins or vitamin B- 17 ? But you can also used the seeds of an apricot fruit to help also with helping you . I been in the fight for my oldest sister , and the results has been her best weapon from cannabis and the vitamins after her Chemo . She is doing really well , not so many sick days , and the vitamins really give her energy through her battle .

Hey Tex glad your getting the oil made. I used 2 oz. and I got a litter over 2 grams of oil. I mad it with sitiva. Next time I will use the indica. It’s very strong and I can’t seem to be getting use to the larger dose. I’m trying to take it 3 times a day. I wish I knew someone who had a lot of indica to trade lol.

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Great looking grow. I am glad everything is looking up for you medically. Let us know how the RSO affects you. Peace my friend.

Hi Latewood. Just finished the harvest. Nice yield. Very solid bud. After relocating plants and shutting down a 600 watt chamber I now have both large chambers filled to capacity with (20) plants now three weeks into bloom. Strains are White Widow, Critical Kush and an unknown strain from decent street weed just for kicks.

As for the RSO (large batch to be made in January’s harvest. I take a good drop twice a day and it does nothing to my brain. I do feel in almost like some sort of energy throughout but very mild. I can tell weather or not I missed a dose but mild.