TKO indica strains


hello fellow growers! i’m a sativa smoker at heart,but i need something for bed time knock out punch!! lol
thank you in advanced for your input…


Gold Leaf is awsome,…or…Afghan is 100% Indica, high cbd…and 21 thc…both found here…


Come to think about it,White Widow has been putting me to bed for the last couple months just fine.:sleepy:


thanks @Neckred


I currently have OG Kush growing, I dont know about the experience yet, as this is my first harvest. Girl Scout cookies is a hybrid of OG Kush and Durban poison (sativa) supposed to be relaxing, and for anxiety. That’s another I’m growing. All are found here. Happy growing!


thank you for the input @Covertgrower


Start dabbing before bed lol! It’s my nightcap.



Ive ordered some Crystal. Chronic widow is awesome as well.


Still haven’t smoked any Cronic Widow yet but going from the smell of the baby girls it’s gonna be Wicked


we like wickedness in my abode @hillbilly103
that kind anyways!!


Chronic widow,cottonbowl twist and a lone star light ,sounds like a good evening on the porch!


i have some white widow seeds i’m going to start with…for now anyways…lol


I would go with afghan chronic widow Trainwreck gold leaf and like @ktreez420 said a few dabs before bed time will do it for sure I had 5 to many earlier and took a nice 3 hr nap


@Neckred did you grow your own whiteWidow?


Aye,many do here.Check out the bud of the month photos in members section,those guys grow crazy big stuff,often White Widow.