Titans co2 regulator

So finally got a 20lb bottle of co2, titans regulator, and autopilot co2 monitor. Everything seems to be setup correctly and checked for leaks but my question is the ball float on the regulator what number do I want to set the float at ? My growroom is 12wx12Lx7h

2-3 you only turn the valve for co2 tank slightly!!!

You shouldn’t see it ping the top

Let me see if I can find a copy of co2 to lux which I use to know co2 isn’t being wasted from not having enough light or too much for too little co2 in the environment

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Yeah ball jump to top then I got it set to 2 right now just didn’t know if that was enough. I also have auto pilot set to 1000 with 200 so guessing my range of co2 will stay between 900 and 1100 if I’m not mistaken. Plus it has sensor so it won’t run at night


Wondering what your light density is and if you’re running sealed room?

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Theres a great explanation on flow rate. However, your autopilot is doing the real work of on/off if your settings of 1100 with 200 swing, so not much to be concerned on flow. I agree with just barely open, and ball under the first line for a 2 minute run… I also noticed the sensor right under and close to the dispensing tube helped the settings stay consistent. It seems to come down to how long your room will contain the 1100… My leaky tent activated 4 per hour

I have an in room ac unit. That exhaust air. When it comes on. I go through co2 very quickly. Because it’s exhausting it out. But my levels are always up around 1000ppm. You’ve seen my setup.lol …. Do you think it’s worth the $120 a month I spend on co2? Or do you think it’s a waste?


A bottle Should run about 40dollars per Grow

I have a window ac unit but it has option to pull fresh air in or leave closed I leave it closed. Other than that sealed room.

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My 20lb was on 36 to fill and from what I’ve been reading I should get round 44 days out of it but I’m probably wrong. First time using bottle so it will be interesting to see but I can tell the plants love it

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I should have clarified…
I used the gas only in the seedling stage… And from transition to flower up to the 5th week…

You’re probably close. You have a ton of light and good sized grow. If you’re harvesting on 8-10 week turnarounds it wouldn’t take much to justify an extra $240-$300 per run. That’s roughly the cost of an ounce here. If co2 is increasing your harvests a few grams per plant you’re probably ahead. But there’s also the hassle of changing bottles, which a lot of people don’t care to do that often.

Kind of what I thought. The size justifies the cost. If it were a tent, probably not worth the hassle. Thank you Dbrn32

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Back to your question of interest…
How long does the gas run per dose? And how often is it triggered per hour?