Titan Controls Saturn 5

Can anyone tell me how I can hook this up with my current setup. I have a secret jardin 4x4 Spiderfarm 4000 1 mini-dehumidifier 2 humidifiers 2 six inch fans and one 20 inch box fan and a Cloudline t4 inline fan. This is my first grow.

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Do you have CO2 you’re implementing to go with this?
I’m not sure if that light puts out above what is needed. @dbrn32

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Just like the picture shows. There should be detailed wiring diagram included with the unit.

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Yea but since I don’t have co2 burner can I plug something else into that and what does the diagram mean by night light

Probably a light that is controlled independently from your grow light.

You don’t need co2 if you have proper air exchange. it’s only a 450 watt light.

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Actually CO2 is not recommended for your first attempt either. It requires really strong light and higher temps. I wouldnt even bother with CO2. It dispaces oxygen as well and has been known to cause health risks.
Did you get a controller such as an inkbird to assist with the humidifier / de humidifier? You may need that if your humidifier doesnt have an auto feature. Which is kinda sucky to use. The de humidifier may not be required if you can vent adequately?


I will upload pic when I get home from work.

I’ve been looking at that model myself.

Hook your humidifier(s) into the humidity outlet and set levels.
Hook your exhaust fan and maybe an internal fan up to the temp outlet and set levels.
The co2 is a cycled timer.

So I can’t hook anything (extra fan, dehumidifier up to that plug then?

and by exhaust fan you mean my cloudline t4 and carbon filter?

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Yes. You could also hook up one of the circulating fans as well, just to increase airflow until the temp or rh drops.

You could. I’m not sure of how it cycles though.
AFAIK the control unit doesn’t have a co2 meter, so it just turns on and off. It may be adjustable.

At the Msrp this unit wasn’t worth it, but under $150 it seems like a solid buy. The only thing holding me back is I use a hyperfan, which can be digitally controlled to vary the speed, but this unit appears to be just off/on.

3 girls are at 86 degrees and 58% rh