Tiresias mist Feminization spray

Recent world events makes me want to make my own to save for future grows so seeds is the way to. I’ve got a tent I can dedicate to a plant so I don’t risk pollination of others. Has anyone used this spray in particular?

I’ve got 3 maybe 4 strains that I want to seed. 1 at a time over the next year. It’s getting harder to get reliable seeds and genetics and with all these people I see on line selling their herm seeds as a new strain I see the gene pool getting really screwed up. Maybe not just my take on things but I like to be prepared.

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I have never heard of the product you reference, but do know growers who have used colloidal silver to force a female to produce male pollen.


Probably just expensive watered down colloidal silver - $15 for 1 ounce, no thanks, just buy some good colloidal silver and distilled water and make your own better spray for less.

I use 500ppm colloidal silver and mix an ounce of it with 9 ounces of distilled water to make a 50ppm spray which has worked well for me and the bottle lasts forever.