Tips tips tips I need help!

So I’m about to but a 4 by 4 tent with a 6 pot autopot setup it’s 3.9 liter buckets I was thinking clay at bottom with coco no perlite on top I was going to germinate in Rockwool and put that into the the coco direct. Top feed just water for about 2 weeks… any tips on what I’m thinking also good nutrients that I can place into my res without clogging the lines!!! Going to spend a few grand on this setup and don’t wanna mess it up!!!

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Sensi a/b for coco

Cal mag

Use rapid rooters not rockwool


I’d also mix in perlite, coco is pretty dense wet


Is rapid rooter like Rockwell? And sensi ab coco get it mixed with perlite or mix on my own and how about the clay ball at bottom? Cal mag is good to go through the autopot tube?

It goes thru my 1/4” lines.

Face the trays so you can quickly, easily access them all.

Sensi is mixed with water and added into your reservoir along with cal mag.

Buffer your coco with 2x amount of cal mag at 1/4 the nutrient recommendations per gal/liter of water.

Rapid rooter is like rockwool in terms of structure for plant to hold onto and spiderweb roots from.

That being said rockwool never breaks down while rapid rooter plugs are made from organic material and breakdown naturally over time.

So like can I send u my number some how so u can show me this stuff possibly I just want the best out come if I’m go she’ll put 3000 bucks for this!!!

No thanks but there’s plenty of info on the forum and plenty of autopot users.

@Nicky could also help

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Personal information is not allowed to be shared on the forum; for your and others’ safety. I strongly recommend you read the Forum Policy as I’ve had to edit your first post.


I understand that such an investment can make one anxious and want to make sure you do everything correct.

I would suggest reviewing other users grow journals

Hell raiser has a fantastic one for cloning

You can see my progress with autopots, success and missed opportunities

Setup of the system is a breeze and if have you any questions just ask!

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I did hydroton balls in my first ones and added the air domes. I don’t know if it makes a huge difference overall but it seems to keep salt buildup lower inside the planter trays.

Still trying to figure out how to use this site… I was also thinking because I don’t have a space to set my vent that I would send it back into the tent with a air purifier in the tent to eliminate the carbon build up…I actually have a lot that needs to go in the tent I live in a cold area so I have to put a space heater humidifier dehumidifier small ac and I was going to take a aquatic water cooler/heater and have it regulate the temp of my water… am I going to far or no? I was thinking the air bubble thing for bottom of pot but I heard mixed reviews on it and was going to stay away the media for the pot was my biggest concern and what nuturients to get like lotus or all them other brands I didn’t even know about sensi I’m just tired of spending 150 to 200 a week to support my habit and figure it would b better to grow it myself…

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It’s easier to control the room outside the tent then it will be to control the tent it.

Use room it’s in to keep your conditions inside the room what you want the tent to be and draw from there

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And you want ample airflow to provide needed CO2 and O.


4 plants will be a tight fit, don’t do 6 or you will regret it.

I wasn’t going to get the co2 tank and regulator is that a big no no I have 2 spaces to place the tent in kitchen or living room for now am I putting to much into the tent I found all relatively small things to fit in the tent without over crowding it to much sorry it would let me post for 24 hours since I’m a newbie but does anyone have like a cheat sheet on what to buy lol budget is at 4K at most

CO2 in a tent is really both a source of major frustration and no gain.

To run CO2 you have to have insane light levels, a closed grow space with complete climate control as high partial pressures of CO2 causes temp and humidity to go way up. All of that has to be rejected from the grow space without lowering your gas values. You can’t benefit from this using soil as plants’ demands for food goes way up: now you’re running hydro. All in all it’s a highly technical grow method.

So: what to buy. First and foremost, educate yourself. Second, buy the best lights money can buy. Horticulture Lighting Group would be my first stop. They produce a line of LED fixtures but unlike those found on Amazon these use latest generation top-bin diodes with simply incredible efficacy. You can almost halve your electrical demand when using these, for example, over older lights.

Really; everything else is secondary to lighting. You need good airflow: A/C Infinity Cloudline series fans are top choice. Fabric pots, good digital PH and TDS meter (don’t cheap out here either as these are the most-used tools we have as growers). You will need to determine if your water supply is acceptable for growing cannabis and if not will have to condition your own water. The list is long and frankly you will acquire stuff for your grow as you go.

Ok so later on I’m going to post a list of what I will purchase exactly and I will take all notes from u guys into it and from what I watched on YouTube and read across the Internet I wanna stay hydro but I might just goto soil instead!!! Thank you all

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Tag me with the @ sign when you put up your list.

@Myfriendis410 @PharmerBob @Nicky @CMichGrower

what do yall think?


You can scratch the blue pen lab save yourself a decent amount of money and use an apera PH 20.

That humidifier is good but I also use a 6L very nice unit and I think it will also save you money
Levoit Air Humidifiers, 6L

Why the expensive air purification unit? If your going to get one base it mainly on the CADR, it’s the international standard rating.

Not sure what the heater is for and I’ll leave the clone for someone with more hydro experience to speak on although @peachfuzz has a home built one that’s fricking Awsome and I wouldnt buy a cloner after seeing his.

Those plant ties are sooo expensive! Go to your local hardware or garden center get something for like 10-15$ I have plant Velcro works for me.

Get rid of the Bovidas and use boost packs, cheaper and better imo.

For your 1 gallon pots if you plant to pot up then get plastic, final pots should be fabric only, roots grow into fabric.

And just a question why technaflora? I ask because I’ve used their PH down and it was poor quality even compared to other budget brands so I would suggest something else personally. Although I haven’t used their nutrients I would say go GH line same style near price and solid product.
Also not many people on the forums use it here while GH is more well used.