Tips specifically for growing autoflowering Blueberry seeds?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Good day! I was wondering if you can give me tips specifically for growing autoflowering Blueberry seeds? I have germinated one of the seeds and it is now 40 days old (from seed). Why hasn’t it started budding yet? Aren’t autoflowering strains supposed to start budding around the 28th day? Any information will be much appreciated.

Please join us and fill out the support ticket. Lots of great mentors and fellow growers are here ready to help :grinning:

Many will start to flower that quickly, but not all. I have a Blueberry auto that got stunted when the seed casing damaged the seed leaves. The two rounded leaves that first emerge are called cotyldons.

She was planted with some others that are now going into their first week of flowering, after a two week Pre-flower stage. The runt still hasn’t begun to flower and they all sprouted on Feb. 25th.

Patience, friend. Join the forum and there are plenty of people eager to help you succeed…

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I advise you to fill out opur support ticket as suggested.

Without any details as to how you are growing; We do not have any way to provide an informed answer.

Please just join the forum so we can share pictures and help you along the way.

One note. Days do not start on the day you place the seed. Days to count start once a plant has 4-5 trues sets of leaves proving that it is time for vegetative cycle.

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