Tips on my leaves going crispy

Started noticing some spots on my leaves that are crispy on the tips or gold looking spots randomly on leaves what could this be?

Looks like a little bit of nute burn i would dial ur nutes back for a little bit


Brown or burnt tips is often caused by slight nute burn or from lights. Picture quality is much better under natural light or flash.
Spots within the leave is frequently caused by calcium deficiency.

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If just the top leaves maybe the light is a little close. If bottom leaves maybe nutes are a little hot. How long are they in flower.

It’s 100% nute burn you even have nitrogen toxicity ( you can tell by the waxy leaf) cut back nutes by 1/4


Agree with above more pics would help. And in natural light, would be better if possible


@Tezza2 @GreenSnek sorry for late reply but here’s some better photos

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Yah your plants have a little bit of nute burn i would dial back ur nutes

I was giving them what they recommend on the 3 part but I’m going to half it and do a plain water every other watering. I’m giving advanced nutrients 3 part micro,grow and bloom. Another question I had was should I be dialing back with the micro as it has more nitrogen in it then the rest?

Yah sometimes what they say on the bottles is it right alot of the time the companies want you to use more so u go buy more. Always use half or less then half

Exactly what Tezza2 said.

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Yep tezza is right in, but don’t feel bad a little nute burn is not the end of the world. I look at is as you are pushing your plants to max, and just went a bit to far, which I am a overkill on everything so I would rather have a little nute burn, then be under feeding. Also like I said I’m a little crazy I write down how much I feed so I know I just need to dial it down a bit. Good luck and happy growing


She’s doing well thanks for the help guys