Tips on good vap pen for green buds

Need tips on good vap I can bring whid me like a joint but a vap and a good one cheep not 200dollar more like 50dollar bit more myby enyone got som experece hit me?

For herb or concentrates? You’re not talking about one for a cartridge, right?

For buds herbs dry but not powder any vap pen fits 0.5g ca.
Tips on good one around 50dollar.

The thing is if you want to pay only around $50.00, you will have to go with a combustion vape. And most of the ones I tried had really bad airflow. So dragging a good puff was a problem.
The best I have tried was the Mig Vapor. But you will need to buy a seperate mod, unless you are already vaping, and in that case it would probably fit your current mod (battery pack).

I never test vap from pen only a plastic bag from volcom.
Ok so 65dollar and no need for ext parts then for herbs.

Yee the mig just the one iam allmost buy already.:call_me_hand:

If you tried vaping with a bag, you were probably using a convection vape. It’s a lot smoother than a combustion one. The Mig combust (burns) your flowers, it’s like smoking a blunt without the hassle of rolling it.

Sounds Good,now I looking after a vap made about tree a cheep one but they say’s very good last time I saw that cost 30dollar.
You have the treebox vape on a bench.

Randy’s Trek 2 is pretty nifty. It vapes, but can also be used like an electric combustion piece.

I like mine.


Yee if that one its perfekt take a lot of herbs sounds Good and Nice Prince.

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Which one is closer to smoke a joint need to be a vape pen for dry herbs?

The vape pen that @blackthumbbetty suggested seems to be the better buy! It wasn’t around when I was making my trials otherwise that’s the one I would have bought :nerd_face:
The Mig Vapor I had was spring-loaded. It had a small spring push on a plate to keep the materials tidy inside the unit. And after a while the spring would break and you either had to change the whole unit or live without it.