Tips on getting difficult seeds to germinate

Waiting on 20 Bruce Banner auto seeds.

Here is my process:

Soak the seeds in tap water till they open with 1/4 inch tap root transfer to damp paper towel in a baggie till I get an inch tap root transfer to soil. I have used peroxide on difficult ones and it helped. All done in darkness and if things look slow I put on top of a audio amp in closet gives some warmth to water or baggie with damp napkin.

I have started 45 seeds 8 haven’t germinated. 5 were Bruce Banner auto. I have 20 B. Banner coming less than a week away.
Here is the plan:

Make a small tube 120 grit sand paper. Put the seeds in tube shake 10 to 20 times get junk off seeds and let’s water soak in… I read it makes sense?

Soak seeds in 20% Hydrogen peroxide and add some root hormone. Not sure on what kind.

Water? Distilled? Water sat overnight and PH to 5?

I don’t like to ask for refund from ILGM…

Thanks appreciate it.

Loud Dream


Sounds like a solid approach. Good luck.


I have never pH tap water for germinating seeds. I just drop them in. But I do add hydrogen peroxide which slightly acidic. If I think of it I should check to see where its pH lands.
A pH of 5 sounds really low to me. I think the general range for germinating seeds is higher. Maybe 6.0 - 6.5 range.
Scuffing a seed with fine sandpaper can help break the shell.


Oldschool … I was taught a few years ago to carry the seeds in my mouth while hiking this soaks them, spit is actually a root hormone plus if you are approached by the law you can swallow the seeds so you don’t get caught with them :laughing: :rofl: I obviously don’t do this anymore but I thought I’d share it

I have definitely heard of sandpaper but you can also crack the seeds either with your teeth like a sunflower seed or with pliers I’ve never tried these before but I have read and or heard of it a couple times of course you wouldn’t do any of this except on stubborn and or older seeds


I’ve read a bunch of growers using an emery board or fingernail file. Give the beans a scrape without crushing or grinding them too much.

It’s just manipulating the sturdiness of the shell so that water may seep in easier and the germination can happen.


I soak my seeds in a shot glass with filtered rainwater at 6.7 pH with diluted GH RapidStart until I get about 1/4”of root then plant in a 2” cube of rock wool that has been pH’d to 6. Then place into rooting tray with heat mat under some deep red lights until roots are and 2-3” out of bottom of cube.

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I have tied the scrifying the seeds before it has worked.