Tips on Fall/Winter Outdoor Grow in So Cal with Auto

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Nice, I’d say you have 4-8 weeks. Let’s see what others say

Another week and they don’t seem that closer. What do you think on a harvest date?

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You got a bunch of time left.

Lets tag @elheffe702 @PurpNGold74 @Missiles for a second opinion.


Oh yeah, several weeks yet. Looks good and happy, though! Nice work, keep doing what you’re doing. I’m all indoor, let’s see if @Big123 can add anything…believe he’s in your neck of the woods, too.

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I would let them keep thickening up. How do trichomes look?

I agree with @AAA about more time.

I think I am close to be finished. I cut off nutrients last week and will cut water today with plans to cut it Thursday. I have a loop but still can’t find/see the Trichomes. What do you think?

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It’s too hard to tell.

The buds are super leafy. It’s either an auto thang, or they are not done yet.

Let’s tag a few

@Missiles @Budbrother @Watt-Sun thoughts?

I agree with @AAA without seeing a sampling of the trichomes it’s just a shot in the dark. To me, she looks like a stalled auto that has yet to fill out and mature fully . I noticed she is still pushing out new pistils . just my 2 cents :v:

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Cut off a sample nug to test doneness


Premature nug cutter!!!

But, not a bad idea…


If @mojorising has an iPhone, can use the magnifier option on the phone to get some idea. Does android have that option?

Thank you to everyone for their input. I was able to zoom in with my phone and snapped some close-ups. I have been on edibles for the past month due to a cough so vaping might not be best today.

If they are stalled should I start the nutrients back? I have only missed 1 day water and the soil isn’t dry yet.

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look cloudy to me, meaning readyish, but lets see what the rest say.

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@HornHead @Myfriendis410

I am going to start a couple more in a few weeks. I will be growing outdoor. I used regular potting soil (it was high end with guano and other stuff) last time but I am curious about Coco. I am going to use 20 gallon smart pots/fabric. Do I fill the pots with straight Coco or mix it? Any recommended brands/mixtures?

Also for fertilizer I used EarthJuice Grow (17-8-17) until white hairs, then Bloom (3-26-22) until buds and then Bloom Master (0-50-30) to finish. Also used EarthJuice Xatalyst the entire time. Any recommendations to improve my fertilizing?

Also, do I look ready to harvest in the pics from this morning?

Thank you everyone!!!

@elheffe702 @Big123 @Watt-Sun @Budbrother

I can’t see very well right now, but from what I can see, I’d say they’re getting very close. I see a white pistil here and there, but I’d be flushing if you’re not already.

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How long have they been flowering?

Early December.