Tips on Fall/Winter Outdoor Grow in So Cal with Auto

I live in Orange County and I just ordered auto grow seeds. I should get the seeds in 2 weeks so that puts my start date at 9/25. I plan on growing outdoors on a deck in 15 gallon pot. With a 10 week expected cycle my targeted end date is Dec 4th.

Do I need to do anything about the decreasing sunlight? They are auto so I assume that I don’t. The weather is warm here so frosting is not a problem.

I just finished my 1 grow. I started with 2 clones in April. I lost 1 due to heat/lack of water in July. I am hoping to get 3 oz from that.

I am new so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

With 2 seeds you can get over a pound. I suggest you start in solo cups. once you have about 5 sets of leaves, transplant into your large container. I would keep them inside on a 24/0 light schedule until you pot up. That should give them a good start

10 weeks is most likely your flower period. I would count on more like 12-14 weeks which puts you Early to mid Jan.


Thanks for the tips. I bought peat pods to start them, but I read some germinate them in paper towels. I haven’t heard of the paper cup method.

If they do take 12-14 weeks that would put me past the 12/21 Winter Solstice date. Will the longer days after 12/21 put them back into vegetative state?

It sounds like the 10 hours of sun won’t be detrimental. Our average high is 67 and lo 47 in December.


You have weather much like my winters. Very mild and doesn’t actually get cold until after Jan. As long as you can move to where plants get 8 hours direct sunlight, you should be good. Autos don’t reveg, they are a one and done plant

I would jump start them indoors under lights. What auto strain?

Sorry, as @HornHead already stated!


I ordered the Auto 2.0 Mix Pack of Bubble Gum Auto, Jack Herer Auto and OG Kush Auto (5 each.)

In OC Dec is the coldest month. Jan is 70 hi 48 Lo. It is our rainy season and last year we had a lot.

They will be in planter 15 gal Smartpots on a deck with 10 hours of direct sunlight.

Thanks for the tips!

Thanks! About how long does it take to get 5 sets of leaves?

If you’re doing everything right, could be 10-14 days

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5 nodes in 2 weeks? I’m 3 weeks in and only have the 3rd node started.

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I’m telling ya. Grow in coco. It’s just like soil except you have to feed after about the first week. You can have monster plants in no time. No bugs, no over watering. It’s great

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@HornHead how is the water retention? I grow outdoors in fabric bags or in ground. I use Coco Coir for germination, maybe I’ll give one a go next spring…for scientific purposes of course :grin:.

I use about 6 gallon in 7 gallon pots and water every 3-4 days. Average temp in tent 80 with light 70 without
Fan blowing on canopy and one underneath
On hot days you may need to water daily.
I believe @Myfriendis410 uses coco outside. He should know more

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I’ve been using Promix HP for the last year and prefer it over coco. It’s lighter and retains less water which I like but requires daily watering in flower. 7 gallon fabric pot takes just shy of 2 gallons before runoff.

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Any tips on moving them outdoors to the sun from under the CFL? Should I put them under shade for 2-3 days for a transition period?

People say you should break them in to full sun but I never have. Never couold really. I have to gorilla grow outdoors

@mojorising … here’s a light cycle for AUTO’s.


Do the first week as seedlings 24/0
then, weeks 2-3 18/6
then, 12/12 till done… they do most of there growing in the dark!
Do the 12/12 till she eats herself up, when we stop feeding her a couple of weeks
before chop, so she’ll be a smooth smoke.

My plant still hasn’t flowered or grown white hairs.

Sept 18 germinated
Oct 3 moved outdoor after 2 weeks on 24 hour fluorescent light

We are still getting 10h 15m of sunlight. 10 weeks would mean that they should be ready for harvest mid-December. That’s 3-4 weeks from now. I am still using grow nutrients.

Am I on track? I was hoping to harvest prior to going out of town on 12/21 so the drying would smell an empty house.

By my calculations and experience with AF, your plant will be ready for harvest beginning to mid January.

Germed 18th of Sept.
4-8 weeks preflower from germ date.
Approx 2 weeks in preflower
Then 6-8 full flower.

Looks like 2-4 more weeks. I wasn’t expecting the purple. It’s Jack Herer Feminized AF.