Tips of leaves turning brownish

A question from a fellow grower:

The tips of the leaves are turning brownish and seems to be progressing
throughout the day…aahhhh!!! Any suggestions? Outdoor grow, 28 days
along, water every 3-4 days


Actually, the color is wrong as well, and burnt tips like that is not normal at all.

If I were to guess, I’d be highly suspect of a pH issue. Nitrogen might be locking out and or other numerous deficiencies could be right around the bend.

Giving us some info about what you feed it. And finding out what the pH is in the pot/soil and in the water you give it could help confirm or rule out that suspicion. Also a nutrient concentration reading from the soil could help, this can be done with certain soil probes or you can do it by using a digital EC or TDS pen.

Ok so my plant is big bang 2 auto and is 47 days along. The only thing i feed it is water. Here are pics of soil and plant as of rite now. Un shure of Ph…dont have a tester yet.

The incredibly light yellow green could be from a lack of nutrients, and pH could very much still be a huge contributor to the problem. It could be entirely from pH as well, a severely off pH will lock out even readily available nutrients in the soil.

Cant figure how post pics…soooo i am uaing mg organic potting soil…and only give her water…i thought maybe nutrient burn at first, but pretty sure ph is my problem…really wish could upload pics.