Tips of leaves turning bright green, what’s wrong?


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Are the yellow leaf tips starting at the top or bottom of the plant?

From the very top

Maybe try a micro nutrient like Peruvian Gold Micro Builder. My plants absolutely love it! Of course, I always recommend doing a soil slurry test to check ph of the soil

What and how are you feeding her? Kinda looks like sulfur deficiency

Feeding tiger bloom and cal trace and big bloom per bottle instructions every other water.

Ok thanks! I don’t think I have a lot longer before harvest. Auto white widow max and white lsd at 9 weeks. No amber trichomes yet, but starting to look milky? My first time, so welcome suggestions and info on how to know when ready to harvest as well as harvesting methods and ideas.

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I don’t even bother looking at trichomes until the pistils turn amber and start curling in on themselves. It never hurts to keep checking them though… my first grow, I think I checked them daily while they weren’t even close LOL. Now sometimes, I say to myself “Hey, lazy girl, gets down there and check your trichomes”… only to find out I might have to harvest in the next day or two and I’m not prepared for a harvest 0hahaha…

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Haha, you sound like me, just shooting from the hip! Just trying to get some sort of time frame so I can schedule a trimming party!

If it were me? I wouldn’t check those trichomes again for at least another 2 weeks then decide at that time if I could see a harvest date in sight…

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Ok, good timeframe to consider. Thanks a bunch!

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