Tips of leaves starting to turn yellow?

This is the second day I’ve noticed this and has gotten worse today. Any ideas on what to do?
First week of transition to flower so I added alittle over 1/2 strength grow nutrients and 1/2 strength flower nutrients maxi series

4x4x6.5’ tent

RDWC system 4 five gallon grow bkts

5 gallon reservoir

1/10 hp water chiller




950 gph air pump

2”x4” air stone in each bucket

12” oscillating fan

1200w king plus led 24” from canopy

6” 400 cfm exhaust fan and filter

Ph level 5.97

PPM 1183

Water temp 67.8

Air temp 75F

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It’s just a little nute burn I see nothing to worry besides what’s up with the leafs looks like something is eating them or is it just the pic I would be more worried about something eating then the yellow tips


Nute burn as in I added too much nutes? I’m not sure what your seeing as far as something eating it, what are you seeing so I can take a closer look

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yes, too much N and P specifically.!

if i m doing the ‘reverse math’ correctly this is ~2.4 EC,
2.0+ is for heavy feeders, big plants growing fast,
at this level, during transition, u will see a lot more fert burn.!!

drop down to 1.0 - 1.5 EC for now,
when she takes off for the stretch bump back up to 1.6 - 2.0 EC and see how she reacts.!

Wow! Thanks did not see that at all I’ll go check and get some better pics

Really looks same color as the tips real smooth edges not like something is eating at it I think?

No cats or bugs ? You should be good I have a cat that would eat them all if he could true stoner but he was hit by a car so I can’t blame him just check for bugs or critters possibly eating your leafs

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Only have a pit bull she stays out of that room. I’ll keep an eye out for any sign of bugs. Thanks again!

When she starts flower you should have cut back on the Nitrogen and started your flower cutting back just a little more of the nitrogen the flowing feeding but don’t cut out all of the nitrogen cause it does need some, it now needs more P.K and little N so what you did was gave her to much N and that’s what your seeing, It’s call Nutrient Buren But it doesn’t look to be that bad at this point. Just cut back

@garrigan62 few days ago u told me to cut back but not cut out the maxigrow. I’m going into my second week of flowering and according to the general hydroponics feed chart they say to stop the maxigrow this week. Was wanting your opinion before I did anything

Yes stop it. You want more K P and less N at this point
But other wise how are they doing


Looking real good I think for my very first attempt. Excuse the burple my new hlg quantum 260w 304 boards are coming in tomorrow!

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That’s great i’em happy for ya my friend. And taking pic’s is always better in natural light … and keep me posted ok ?

Sure thing. Thanks again for all the help

@garrigan62 do you know anything about hlg lights? I was looking at getting some more to put back in my 4x4 tent I was looking at going with something like this. Would it work or is there a different setup I should go with?

If his ppm is 1200 then his EC is 600 I believe. Using the 500 formula scale.

@skydiver so from reading that it’s better to read ec. Now on the general hydroponics feed chart I follow they show a range of ppm for each week. I looked online and found a ec to ppm chart but didn’t understand it. It had like 3-4 different ppm readings and 2 ec readings

Yea it took me a few to figure that out too.
Both EC measurements are identical except one graphs at .600 while the other reads 600. Just move the decimal point over 3 places to the right. EC is EC just some meters read ms/cm2 and others us/cm2 so you wanna know how your meter displays it. It will be one or the other or maybe both ? But you’ll know which it is by just the reading of say your tap water.

Now as far as the whole ppm thing
There are 3 scales used worldwide because they haven’t gotten together smoked some herb and chose one and moved on so there is the 500 scale and the 2 others.
EC reads 1000 or (1.000 move decimal point 3 to right) gets 1000 EC
Then using the 500 scale:
Ppm would be 1000/2 or 500 using that scale…there are 2 other scales using different math so ya gotta know what scale your meter uses. Usually around these parts it’s the 500 scale.
Your meter may allow you to toggle between EC and PPM on display as well as F and C for temps of liquid.

Then you have to read your nutrients useage and refer to a chart for recommendations on best PPM at the different stages of growth
This isn’t accurate below so don’t quote me
Seedling 200ppm
Early veg 300-500
Late veg 800-1000
Early bloom 1000-1200
Middle 1400-1700
Late ???
And so one
still memorizing that stuff
Hope this helps

@skydiver yes that helps I’m ordering a ec meter today. The ppm range you said is right in line with the range from general hydro. Thanks again!