Tips for week1 flower

Hi guys I’m at week8 at with my girl on my first grow. Gave its first 12/12 yesterday.

Looking for tips about when to stop feeding veg nutes and switch to bloom and if bigbud/overdrive is worth it?
I’m in coco/perl and Only nutes used are sensi grow/bloom a/b and b52 daily at the moment

Also I’ve been growing this under 18/6 sunlight/cfl but am thinking about putting in a 1x1x2m tent with a full spectrum led f

or flower

Any advice much appreciated :raised_hands:


I generally wait until after the stretch to introduce bloom nutes so around 2 weeks a soon as budlets form start feeding bloom nutes… I guess some nutes will vary i use dry organic amendments and they take about 2 weeks maybe less maybe more to break down enough for the plant so I amend the day I flip… bottled nutes are immediately available so I would wait until about week 2 or as soon as I see buds… I don’t know anything about those other nutes other than I know a lot of people grow with them haha wait for someone else to chime in

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Cheers for the input!

I’ve been interested In going organic and using amendments but I’m currently limited in my country and these products are hard to come by :frowning:
I have herd to continue using growth nutes for a bit through the first couple weeks of flower so I’ll defs keep looking into that thanks!

Like teddy said two weeks then cut back on the nitrogen but don’t take it completely away

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Thanks man! Maybe I could take away part a, the part b is 1-2-4 :woman_shrugging: then swap to bloom in small doses after a few weeks