Tips For the Tincture Curious

I have been experimenting with making/consuming tincture for about a year now, and wanted to share some things I have discovered. I prefer the high from tinctures to smoking, it lasts longer and feels a bit different. I have found sativa dominant strains in a tincture can be a psychedelic high (I used Island Sweet Skunk). Indica dominant are definitely more of a relaxing body high, not unlike smoking these strains.

Decarboxilation- The first few times, I used a sous vide to decarb, and it turned out ok. I bit the bullet and bought a Nova decarber, and that took the tincture to a whole new level. I believe the Nova is more efficient at converting the THC-A into THC.

Everclear- I use 190 proof (95%) grain spirits. The best ratio has been 1 oz dried bud (weight before decarb) to 18 oz everclear. I grind the buds after decarb, and mix into a mason jar with the alcohol, shake it for 5-minutes, and then put into the freezer. I shake it for a minute or two, twice a day for several days, returning to the freezer. Some people strain it afterwards, I just leave the plant material in it until it’s all used up, then toss.

Dosing calculations- If you know what your THC % is, that helps tremendously. The last batch I made is supposed to have 22-24% THC. I will use this batch’s math as an example.
28g buds at 23% THC 28*.23=6.44g THC
6.44g THC=6,440mg THC
18oz = 532ml
6,440mg THC divided by 532ml = 12.1mg THC per 1ml

How much to take- It has taken trial and error, but finally figured out that taking 2-3ml on an empty stomach is good for me. The empty stomach part is what took awhile to figure out. There were evenings I took 3ml and didn’t get high, just mildly felt relaxed. I have even taken 6ml, trying to get that great high, and the high dose worked after awhile. Taking with food, or having already eaten prior, just mutes the onset and full possible effect. It also made me wake up groggy. Taking on an empty stomach, not eating for at least 30-minutes after is THE trick. 2-3ml gets me where I want to be, fairly quick onset, and wake up fully refreshed the next morning. I can tell you it was frustrating trying to figure out why sometimes 3ml was bliss, and other times a dud.

Everclear is harsh at full strength, yet it’s best for extraction. Since letting the tincture sit under the tongue before swallowing speeds up onset, you can add some water to your dose to make it not burn your mouth. I usually mix it in a shot glass, 1 part tincture to 2 parts water.

I hope this helps anyone looking to experiment with making/taking tinctures.


Thank you. I’m going to try, but not that strong of THC.

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A few years ago, I made some oil tinctures but never alcohol. I used olive oil and steeped forever on a low heat. Had to use a pollen press to extract all the oil.

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Done a lot of cannibutter, love my cookies and brownies​:grin::heart_eyes:

Surprised no one mentioned MCT oil, or even coconut oil.

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I’m trying that next! Save 1/2 and use the other 1/2 for honey

CBD Honey for them rainy days :yum:

Can you share with me the process for oil? I’m a beginning grower but am wanting to learn all about the plant along with cannabutter and oil making process.
Thanks in advance