Tips for soilpot usage with sexing plants

So the dilemma for me is, do I start flowering early, in small pots, to determine sex before I transplant to the big, 5-gallon buckets, thereby limiting growth? Or put them all in big buckets, then waste all that soil on the males that sucked a bunch of life out of it before I cut it out?

So here’s my idea: Go ahead and put them all in big buckets, then when I cut the males out, just stick an auto in the old pot. I’m assuming the soil will have plenty of nutrients left to get the autos started, then it won’t matter so much, since I’ll be feeding them nutes.

I had 5 big Gold Leaf plants last year and was doing some breeding with some seeds I got from a friend in a trash can grow in the next room. Some pollen must have made its way to my main tent, because I found about a dozen decent looking seeds in my Gold Leaf harvest. It’ll be interesting to see if they grow, and how they do, hopefully the Gold Leaf strain will dominate if they pop!


You could take a clone early in veg of the plants and flower that to determine sex if you not sure
Are these. Bag seeds your growing @kushpa