Tips for sending seeds

I usually just trade or give seeds locally. But lately there are a few others I want to gift some to. Does anyone have any tips for shipping? Like what carrier to or not to use? Packaging tips? Thanks for any tips. I didn’t find any old threads under search as far as I could tell.

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Seeds are legal in the U.S. i just package securely and mail.


You can order those little pop top tubes online if you don’t have any. They’re cheap and a pretty good container for shipping. Throw a little card in there that says souvenirs from Holland, don’t germinate as a CYA measure. Lol.

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The flat bubble wrap envelopes works well.

If you use mailers, make sure they’re padded so the seeds survive going through the sorter.

Like stated, seeds are legal to ship in the U.S.


A small altoids tin will protect them well.


I ordered seeds once from a bank in Canada, they removed the innards of a bic pen and put the seeds in the cap, then put in a padded mailer. I am guessing they did the pen thing to trick customs maybe, but it was an added layer of protection also…