Tips for seedling

So my plants looks ok now
Need y’all help me with if should I cut yellow leaves
And when should I start training them
That’s coco coir
Light 120w
And I’m using the a nut which have npk 8-0-0
And another one with npk 0-6-12 my question is should I mix them together every watering

or should I wait for the next stage witch the npk ratio that fit


I am pretty sure they are meant to be used together throughout the grow. Nitrogen alone will not cut it for long. Most nutrient lines seem to be part a+part b with other optional supplements for enhanced production of terps, trichs roots, etc.
Jack’s 321 is popular around here and that is how it works. I use Humbolt’s Secret and it too is equal parts A+B throughout.


Tanks bro


I agree with mixing together. Part A has no PK and Part B has no nitrogen and you need all 3 through the whole grow just different amounts of each per growth stage :love_you_gesture: