Tips for maximising yield in a tiny grow tent

I got a 40 x 40 x 120 cm tent not long ago and i’ve been pondering how i should grow the plants.
One thing that crossed my mind is doing a SOG tech with a 12/12 from seed grow.
I can fit 16 of those one liter pots in my tent but the yield per plant should be pretty low, does anybody have any advice on how i could grow?

If it were me, I’d scrog one plant. If you’re looking to do multiple strains, sog would be the way to go.


Scrog no question, also incorporate dining/topping and lst techniques and I would recommend clones or photoperiod and let it veg for a bit then switch to 12/12

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One plant is all that I would do, I have a 60x60cm tent with 1 plant and it fills the space.