Tips for growing autoflowers

Hi im just wondering if anyone has some tips for getting a good yield growing gorilla glue autoflower like temp humidity and other things im planing on growing indoors and would like some recommendations on whats the best way to start and be successful most of the time

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hi. i use the search key and read every journal that has a specific strain i want to know about so i can see others grows with what i am growing

70 to 80 degrees, 55-65% humidity is what i like to keep as a constant. Other tips, get you some organic time release fertilizer instead of having to mix nutes and pH every other watering. With the organics you mix it in the soil once, and then just water daily. Top dressing the soil with more every 30 days…also light is where most people cheap out. Youll want to aim for 40-50 true watts per sq ft if your using led. As for hps and mh i have no experience and cannot offer any tips