Tips for cloning in rockwool

A question from a fellow grower:

I like to grow in Rockwool with drip system, I like to know how clone plants in rockwool.

Follow any good directions on cloning. Search cloning in rockwool here in the forum.

Soak rockwool cube and shake excess water from it.
Cliup it, trin it, dip it in root powder, and place into cube. Use a humidity dome to keep the moisture necessary for rooting, or get some no-wilt to spray the tops with.

I mix one gal of water with one tsp of each of these. Liquid Thrive, Root Stimulator and Hydrogen peroxide.
Soak your rookwool and your cuttings. When ready squeeze excess solution from your rookwool dip plant in rooting gel or power place in done most ounce or twice a day. Thats it
Hope this helps

B Safe

hi will do you take the wrap off the cube and also how long do you leave the dome on do i open vents thanks jim

Ya I would, and ya you can leave it open from time to time to let fresh air in but . Don’t leave it open all the time. Ok?

B Safe

thanks Will been 18 days no roots yet Friday left dome off for 6 hrs they all wilted this is sunday they look a little better hope there ok thx jim