Tips for Cali Dream please

Hey everybody…Just curious if anybody has had any past experiences with California Dream…Anything you could advise,warn,or let me know of, that might help things in the future…Thanks to all who help out on these topics…cheers people Happy Growing…

If you do a search, you will find multiple topics about California Dream. :+1::+1::+1:

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I have grown a good amount of California Dream. It’s a pretty straightforward plant. I didn’t do anything in particular. She stretched like crazy in pre flower.

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Thanks for that,already did that a while back…just looking for any extras that might help…

Cheers mate,do you happen to remember your light heights when she stretched?.Just a rough idea if you remember and did it then spread out your bud sights?

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My tent was 7"11 i was using a hlg 550v2. It was all the way to the top probably24 to 32 inches above canopy i can’t remember 100% . I did veg for like two months though so that made her real big. She spread out pretty well. I should of did more to keep the main cola down though. Hope this helps a little.