Tips for a Thai Constellation Monstera (all you greenthumbs)

Hello everyone, I have dove head first into growing cannabis and have spent a good bit of time and $ in a short period. Because of this I surprised my wife with her top wish list plant which if you know plants a Thai constellation is ridiculously priced. The only thing I’ve kept alive so far is my cannabis and she is so so with plants so far.

Im just looking for any tips for people who have experience with these. The care guides are confusing online needs “bright light” but no direct sunlight like umm OK lol.
She was wanting to get a glass case with grow lights and a humidifier and kind of display it and keep in controlled environment but the only thing I know for lights are for cannabis. If anyone has suggestion on a grow light that could go in a curio cabinet (or really what strength wattage or spectrum I would need for this). I think she was hoping an Led bendable strip type would work.
Appreciate any tips and thanks ahead of time. I figured there has to be some folks in here who do other plants.

Also if have soil suggestion that comes pre-made I’ll take that as well. We really really do not want to kill this.