Tips for a bigger marijuana yield

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi recently harvested 6 plants of different strains and only got 90gs . I
used fox farm tiger bloom and big bloom . I got another batch of clones
what can I do for a bigger yield.

Whole lot of possible variables to consider. Soil or hydro? (I’m assuming soil because of the nutes, but I do have a friend who does hydro and has used commercial ferts in his mix.)

If soil, container size? Could they have vegetative grown a little more before flowering? What light cycle did you use before flowering? Temperature range in the grow room? What strains? Did you prune the plants at all? How was watering handled, and how often?

If hydro, I’m clueless.

For me, the first thing I work on is getting a healthy group of plants. Once I’m happy with that, I start to play around trimming, topping, and training the plants to grow a certain way that allows the buds to grow to their full potential. Robert’s free book has a ton of information to help with yield.

Good luck.


Right more light more buds ?

Too bad that good info goes to waste. I could write a few paragraphs on how to yield more than 90g from 6 plants. LOL

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