Tips and Tricks for Germinating Seeds

I wish I could share pics…
Stupid phone , just started 38 babies and would love to share…
It’s really not too hard to keep them going and I only grow in water…
No media…
1.5 inch rockwhool cubes when starting new genetics but when cloning its super simple…
16 clones per bucket…
3 buckets and 12 cfls…
Ready for flowering in about 3 week’s…
6 if it’s from seed…
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I just fold a paper towel in half and slide it into a ziploc, dribble in a little distilled water - enough to completely wet the towel, and drop in the seeds. i seal the bag and place it in a warm place for maybe 6-8 hours, then I crack open the bag and leave it a little open, for air flow. I usually throw them on top of the computer tower - yes - I’m a dinosaur and just bought a new one set up for gaming. LOL!
at any rate. I usually lay a piece of thin cardboard - not corrugated or really thick, like Pepsi box thickness, over the bag, but not close or cover the zip.
Next morning I ALWAYS have tails and in the Solo they go with pre-soaked Mother Earth coco/peat. I usually don’t dome them up. Lights at 20% at 20-24" and I’m done.


As @merlin44 pointed out we need to know your process after seedlings break soil. First, what kind of media, soil, Coco or other. Pictures would help, preferably of when they first break soil and when they start dying off. Many times it’s a watering issue, either to much or not enough. Please post pics and watering methods. @King03


@JaneQP if your going to try your luck at growing from seeds. Here’s the place to be.


1st time grower here, you sound wise. I will follow ur advice. 5 babies in H2O now. Thanks 4 tha help!


Welcome to the community.


Sealing the bag may not be a good thing always as u seal the bag u seal out any fresh air getting into the bag. Might not have had an issue yet but might be a problem down the line. Prolly be safer laying the paper towel on a plate set seed on fold over soak pt lay syran wrap or a plastic bag over the napkin covering it but leaving gaps on the sides for fresh air and oxygen to get to the seed. Using heating pads or a heat mat to keep everything a bit warmer is also a huge help in getting them to pop and grow at the beginning. I love this forum. U guys and girls r freaking awesome. I hope u all know this.


I thought I would go ahead and post my method of germination.

  1. First I prepare soil in containers, by filling container with soil and lightly watering. Leave sitting in a warm dry location.

  2. Then I soak seeds in water with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Will usually leave them in water for 24 hours or until they sink.

  3. If they haven’t cracked, I will then place paper towels in a short clear glass. Soak paper towels with water until you see water starting to pool on top. Add a few drops of peroxide.

  4. I then place seeds between side of glass with paper towels pressing up against seeds, holding them in place against side of glass.

  5. I put glass in a dark, warm location, for me that’s my office with desktop computer and other electronic devices. They will usually crack and develop tap root within 24-48 hours. One advantage to using this method is you can see if they have cracked without disturbing the seed.

  6. When tap root has sufficiently developed I take container previously prepared and use a sharpend pencil and poke hole just enough for root and seed to be deep enough to be covered with 1/4 inch of soil. Once seed is covered I will lightly spray with water from spray bottle. Then once a day until seedlings break soil. Once seedlings make their appearance I will turn nozzle adjustment to jet stream and spray in circle around seedlings.

This method has been very successful for me :+1:

Seeds just starting to crack and develop tap roots.

Tap roots developed and ready for soil

The seedling after watering with spray bottle set on jet stream.


100% germination rate for me!!
I’ll stick to it.
The bag is only closed the first few hours when there is no tail, the seed CAN’T breath until there’s a root. No different than drowning it in a cup of water at all since it certainly can’t breathe underwater either!


I put them in a damp paper towel, and put it in a zip lock then throw it under the grow lights. 98% pop in 48 hours.

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A detailed,

“How To”, Or a “This Works for Me”.

I’ve killed a few myself in the past, :laughing:.

Nice share Brother.


here’s some of what i do…
sift some organic potting soil…

use the bigger pieces, normally wood chips, to cover the drain holes in the lil pots…you can also use this as a mulch cover…it will help with moisture retention and will biodegrade…it is very high in carbon…by removing the bigger pieces, you will ensure the tap root does not ‘bounce’ of them, ensuring it goes straight down…

fill the lil pots about 3/4 ( if the seedlings become stretchy, you can backfill this ) make a hole in the middle of this, 2inch deep and fill in with germination mix and water in…

i do this a week or more before i drop seeds ( to get bioactivity going in the soil, you can also inoculate by mixing a lil bokashi into the topsoil )…the lil pots get domed and left to sweat…

i will either plant directly into the germination mix, or drop the beans into a liquid blood, bone and carcass meal mix that contains a growth stimulant called Gibberelic acid…you only need to soak for three hours…the shot glasses are on the edge of a reptile heating mat, keeping the liquid at a constant temperature…the lil pots will end up on here, to keep the soil warm as well…

hope this helps someone… :sunglasses: :v: