Tips and opinions on Bruce Banner & Sykwalker OG from ilgm


I have the “pop culture” mixed pack on its way. I’m planning on doing an outdoor grow this summer with the Sywalker OG and Bruce Banner.has anyone grown these seeds from ILGM? Any helpful pointers or thoughts on the strains? The pack also included some Black Widow, I’ll probably throw that into the indoor rotation later. I just consider those seeds “freebies”.


I will be watching closely as I am going to get the pop culture mix pack on my next purchase. That Bruce Banner looks incredible


I have 2 skywalker og finishing up right now cut one and dried it and got 7-1/2 oz off it dry the other is still going! I have smoked the Bruce Banner probably one of my favorites getting ready to start some soon and black widow as well


I’ve never had the Bruce Banner but I heard the same thing. So I think I’m going to get the pop culture because I like variety. But I can’t miss any chance at the Gorilla Glue so I’m going to order just five of those also. I won’t be able to start growing them right away but I want them just so I don’t accidentally miss a chance at growing them. I can’t wait. Now I have to get off my butt and get some stamps. Have a nice morning


If you don’t mind me asking I was looking at the seed page and I noticed that for instance that Skywalker could have a bluish hue to it? Do you get that from lowering the temperatures near the end of flower? Did you get any of those interesting colors from your Skywalker? I’m not too concerned about getting color from it once I get a chance to grow it, but I just would like to know how it’s done and if it’s really possible.
Thanks for your help and time.


Right now I’m at the skill level of I would just like to get a grow to be completely awesome ( for lack of a better word) from start to finish. I want to get quality meds like the top shelf dispensary medicine. The color and look appeal of the bud is something I worry about down the road. Thanks


@neckNflu It’s all in your temperature for color some will do it naturally but mine has a blue purple tent to it here is some in my trim bin on the right side


Wow! You really do! That is so cool. Man that put a huge smile on my face. Thank you for sharing I appreciate you taking the time to do that. That’s really interesting how temperature can bring out a change like that. I think it’s really cool that you were able to do that.
By the way they look outstanding. Congratulations. I’m sure that’s some dynamite stuff.


It presses really well it’s nice now if I can just let it cure it will be even better


@Sittingbull64 is a Big Bruce Banner fan…


Yep just growing at the moment but they look like there gonna be beast! But I’m an outside grower so may be a different story indoors…but outdoor’s there gonna be big producer’s


I’ve also got some Bruce Banner to germinate. Will be watching your grow.

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I will be following along as well. I ordered the pop culture mix pack and I’m just waiting on confirmation from ilgm that they received my money. I can’t wait. Good luck with your grow and enjoy. I’ll be writing down tips and ideas from your this Journal. Thank you have a nice morning


@Drinkslinger, I have some SWOG growing for the first time. They are looking good in Southeast U.S. Just harvested two from a grow tent and 5 others are outside. Smokes very mellow with a long lasting strong effect. The ones outside are 7-8’ at the present. They are robust and very disease resistant. All seeds sprouted and are producing. Good luck on your grow.