Tips an tricks to breeding any information

Hey guys that time again need seeds any ideas or videos to show me how the pros do it

Only pollen I have is SFVK I seen ppl use a paint brush but that has never worked for me

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I use a q-tip dipped in pollen and smear it onto the pistils, always works for me.


There’s a big difference between making some viable seeds, and having a proper breeding program. Don’t get me wrong; I’m in favor of both. But don’t mistake making seeds for selecting from hundreds of plants.

Which one are we talking about here?

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I used a make up brush.

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I guess that in either scenario, timing is pretty critical. In my experience it takes an excess of 8 weeks from pollination to harvest of optimal seeds.

I’d be cautious about using pollen from someone else. It could be almost anything. It’s not that complicated to make and harvest your own pollen; however, it almost guarantees that every mature female plant in your building will be pollinated.

I find it’s easiest to cut pollen with sterile flour (sterilized like you’re making a yeast starter).

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I use a small Corelware bowl. I put it under the sacs and tap pollen out. I find a bud to pollinate, and use a very small brush to apply the pollen. Slip a bag over the bud ( I usually do this in the evening) and take the bag off in the morning. Voila! Seeds in a few weeks.

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I have 12 strains I only use my own pollen I have made seeds 3 or 4 times I take a clone from each plant and put them into there own tent an pollinate them all wit the same pollen I used paint brush I will try a q tip this round to see if it helps I grow a strain if it’s good weed and good yields I will breed them so I have the strain I only deal in regular seeds and feminized seeds reg for pollen and most of them are female when it comes down to it I’ve done it before just looking for Easyer ways to go about it

Theres no real easy way to go about it. The easiest way would be to have a male and the females you wanted to breed in the same room and let nature take its course.

In smaller terms where your selectively pollinating a branch or two, then I would remove the female and take her to a different room. Brush the pollen on her with a brush or a qtip and cover the branch with a bag of some sort. After 24 hours, I would remove the plant again, take the bag off, and mist the plant down with water to sterilize the pollen. Then continue on about your grow like usual.


I let my seedling get too cold over a few days, now they’re stunted. Will this effect the genetics ? I want to make some seeds from these plants, they seem to be coming around a little. THX !!!

With few exceptions, nothing is going to change the dna of an organism during it’s life.

If you breed plants in an adverse environment, you’re breeding with environmental stressors. Your successful plants will yield offspring that are adapted to deal with that stressor; not because their DNA changed, but because the plants that couldn’t handle the stressor didn’t pass on their DNA. These adaptations take many generations to become fixed and consequential.